Introduction To Bomb Cosmetics: Glitter Gift

Hey lovelies….I absolute love this time of the year and decided to try out Bomb Cosmetics. I had never heard of bomb cosmetics until quite recently. I seen all of their products on Instagram and they all looked gorgeous. I’m a huge fan of bath and body products and decided to do a HUGE haul on some of their christmas gifts. I’m so impressed with their design from the packaging to of course the price. These are amazing for what your paying and I would say that these are an alternative to Lush if your on a budget.  Bomb cosmetics also make their products by hand and of course are cruelty free. They are also vegan too. Oh how I would love to be part of their #bombbabesquad 🙂 

Today’s post is all about the Glitter Gift set. I thought I would kick off the Bomb Cosmetics obsession with this set. I feel like glitter at this time of the year is appropriate. I was so excited to receive this one and simply got pulled in by the word glitter and the fact that it’s pink. Just how amazingly cute is this set. I am in love with the ribbon and the multi coloured glitter spots. I think I’m going to keep hold of this ribbon for future pictures too it’s just too gorgeous to get rid of. Glitter gift retails for £14.99. Inside the Glitter gift set you get 5 products all made with bio degradable glitter and pure essential oils…

All That Glitters Bath Blaster is a bath bomb. I love anything that smells like cherries. This bath blaster weighs 160g and is also infused with bergamot and sweet orange essential oils. It also had pure cocoa and shea butter to moisturise and nourish the skin. I love the attention to detail on this one and the glitter on it looks so gorgeous. I really want to give this bath blaster a go over the festive season. All That Glitters retails for £2.99 if you want to pick it up by itself..

Rosehip Bath Buttercup is so so cute. I don’t know how many times I’ve said the word cute but it’s the only word I can think of to describe these products. This one looks like a fairycake with cream on top and the smell is divine. This one has a floral fragrance to it and also contains ylang ylang and chamomile oils to soften and smooth your skin. I also love jasmine and you can smell just a touch of it when you open the box. I seriously do not want to use any of these items but know I’m going to especially over the festive season. Rosehip Buttercup retails for £2.20 on the website..

Pink Pamper Soap again has chamomile and ylang ylang inside. I love how this is a bright pink and has swirls on the outside. I’m a huge fan of soap sounds a bit lame I know but when there designed like this you can’t pass on them right?? I absolutely love floral fragrances and this soap is infused with geranium and red poppy. If your looking for an alternative to bath bombs soaps are just as good in my opinion and they last longer too.  Pink Pamper Soap retails for £2.99..

You also get another soap in this glitter gift set. This one is called the Swizzle Stick Soap. Swizzle Stick has clary sage and bergamot oils inside. The design reminds me of a cake for some reason too, or is that just me lol?? Swizzle Stick retails for £2.99 too…

Lastly in this set by Bomb Cosmetics you also get a bath creamer. This one is called the Island Tiara  Bath Creamer and is the small pink one with a glitter swirl on top. Again this one has a floral scent to it and is infused with neroli and rose essential oils. I also love how this one has so many ingredients inside again it contains ylang ylang which I adore and it has vanilla and caramel too. Vanilla and caramel always remind me of christmas time. I think the christmas season is so magical and people seem to be getting ready for it so soon, but I enjoy that and the run up to christmas is like no other…

I managed to pick up quite a few of the christmas gifts from Bomb Cosmetics and I’m going to talk about them all individually as gifts rather than in one long post. I literally can’t wait to use these. I love the smell of cherry, strawberry and especially ylang ylang. Have you guys tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics before?? What do you recommend??…xo

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