Huda Beauty Mini Haul First Impressions

Hello lovelies!! For quite some time now I have watched Huda’s youtube channel and other influencers talk about her products. At first I didn’t seem attracted to her products, I don’t know what it was but they just seemed to look like everything else on the market these days.  I resisted trying these for such a long time that I thought to myself do I really need more highlighters and liquid lipsticks…the answer to that is always YES lol!! I caved in and picked up these two products from cult What I was attracted to straight away was her packaging, it looks so elegant and chic, the way the light reflects on her eyes and cheekbones is such gorgeous detail…

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette 

I am absolutely in love with highlighters right now. I wanted to try a palette of highlighters so that there was a few to try in one palette and these finally looked appealing. I watched videos on youtube for reviews and application trials.  I seen so many mixed reviews about her products and thought I will pick one up and try it for myself. This one is the GOLDEN SANDS palette, of course this is designed for medium to deep skin tones. You can also pick up the PINK SANDS edition too for fair/medium skin tones. I wanted to try the golden sands edition as I love a golden glow in the summer and the swatches I seen were perfect for me.  I have a medium skin tone so I may even try the pink sands edition at a later date. As described on Cult Beauty these products are designed to be used in a specific order for multi dimensional radiance, 1 is prep, 2 is set, 3 is sculpt and 4 is flush. The palette’s contain three powders and one cream shade. When I looked at these in the pan they looked gorgeous however when I went to swatch them they did have some fall out. I had to swatch these at least 3 times to get good colour pay off. I wasn’t impressed with the first swatch and that was with no products like primers or fixing sprays. I did the swatches with my finger so I will see how they apply with a brush. You can see the swatches below in the photograph. If you wish to take a look the highlighters can be found here and they retail for £39.00 . I will have to play around  with these more actually on my face to give an overall review, they actually look really pretty too and subtle which is what I like in a highlighter. I always find a subtle highlighter doesn’t have huge pigmentation to it and that is nice when you want a more natural look. You can see that the first shade Fiji is the cream base and the other three are the powders.  Just by looking at these swatches I can tell that Seychelles and Tahiti are going to be my favourite shades. I may even try these powders as eyeshadows too. 

From T-B is the Golden Sands Highlighter palette in Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti and Zanzibar

Huda Beauty Lip Contour set 

I have been loving liquid lipsticks recently and definitely didn’t need more but with so many brands releasing their own versions of these matte lipsticks I knew I had to keep up with the HYPE and try these. Again with Huda’s liquid lipsticks I watched videos on youtube to see so many mixed reviews about these. I love love love nude shades whether it’s lip liners, liquid matte’s or even glosses. I took a look on cult beauty and found that they sell Huda’s lip liners and liquid lipsticks separately too. For a first time buyer the actual lip contour set’s looked more appealing. I picked up the one with Trendsetter and Bombshell. These two shades looked more like my cup of tea. In this set you get a full sized lip liner and two mini liquid matte’s. The only one I swatched in this set was the lip liner in Trendsetter as so many influencers on you tube say they are similar to the lip liners from Kylie Cosmetics. I can see why Huda’s lip liners have a creamy consistency just like Kylie’s do. I  will have a play around with these on my lips too and see what the comfort and longevity are like. 

From L-R Trendsetter liquid matte, Trendsetter Lip Liner and Bombshell Liquid Matte

Overall I am happy with these purchases, whilst first impressions may not always be good I like to use them a bit more and see how I find them. The products do look gorgeous though, the packaging and the shades look so so beautiful. I definitely want to say well done to Huda for the design of these products, they don’t feel or look cheap, to be honest they  look really luxurious. After trying the mini’s I may even buy some of her full sized liquid lips If I like the formula, there’s nothing worse than constantly buying products your not going to use. I try and rotate my everyday makeup as I have so much but that’s just me, personal choice I suppose. Have you guys tried any of Huda’s products what did you think????

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