Halloween Makeup Tutorials | 2018

Halloween Makeup Tutorials For 2018

Your probably thinking why I don’t do makeup looks on my blog or Instagram! To be honest I don’t think I’m talented enough to create so many different looks. I like to keep my makeup natural but pretty if that makes sense. Yes I am an eyeshadow palette junkie because there my favourite item in makeup to collect! Over the last week or so I have seen quite a few halloween makeup tutorials floating about on youtube and I wanted to share some of these for you to take a look at, you may also find someone new to subscribe too as well! 

Victoria Lyn

One person I love to watch on youtube whether that’s makeup tutorials, halloween tutorials, collection reviews is Victoria Lyn. I have been subscribed to her for the longest time and I absolutely adore her content. She puts so much effort into all her videos, based in Florida Victoria is definitely one to watch! Victoria started putting up halloween tutorials about 3 weeks ago now and I just bloody love the looks she has created. From Cruella De Vil to Poison Ivy this girl is for sure the most talented one I’ve seen on youtube…

Courtney Little Makeup

I was browsing around youtube trying to find a halloween tutorial that was inspired by the latest IT movie, the remake one and I found this channel. I subscribed immediately as her content is right up my street! Her halloween creations are absolutely amazing and I am totally living for her IT makeup look, the intro and the tutorial are so good. Definitely check out her channel if you love watching halloween tutorials or your looking for some inspiration yourself…

Christien Dominique

Of course halloween makeup looks don’t have to be full on recreations of movie or tv characters you can still look beautiful but with some halloween cuteness to it. I have followed Christien for the most longest time and I am in love with all of her content and not forgetting her brand! Christien is the most nicest and genuine youtubers out there and I will continue to support her cos let’s be real, how amazing is she! She created this gorgeous tutorial that se says anyone can wear so take a look if your looking for something a bit more simple…

Roxette Arisa 

Another one of my favourite gals on youtube is Roxette Arisa. She is extremely talented and her pr box hauls are amazing to watch too. I just can’t believe how down to earth she is and I have been following her for a long time too. I recently discovered this video on her channel and it’s absolutely amazing, she has created a puppet doll halloween look and it’s actually spot on! The look she has created looks very parisian but with a halloween twist, love it! 

Maryam Maquillage

One of the most stunning and talented people on youtube, Maryam Maquillage. I absolutely love her channel. One video I remember seeing last year was her Vampire halloween tutorial as it was the just the one I was attracted to the most!  The gothic themed music in the beginning is amazing and fits with the tutorial so well. It was also her first look that she did for halloween 2017! She has also done a 3 makeup look video this year too so check out her channel!


Growing up I always wanted to be a witch for halloween, they have to be my favourite costume to wear!. I recently discovered Alex’s channel when I was looking for Witch halloween makeup looks and I cam across this one. It’s so witchy, spooky and perfect for the halloween season. I am in love with this, it’s totally my vibe! So different to any other witch halloween tutorials I’ve seen…

I think I’m going to leave it there as I could fill this post up with lots more halloween tutorials but you get the idea. Have you created any looks yourself over the years? What are you going to be for halloween this year?…let me know in the comments xo

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