Halloween At Hogwarts

Halloween At Hogwarts 

I love Halloween and I love Hogwarts, what’s not to love at this time of year! You may have seen this photo already being featured on my Instagram. I just love it so much that I decided to use it for this blog post too 🙂 Harry Potter is perfect for this time of year so grab your cosy blankets, your chocolate frogs,  your peppermint toads your Ron’s, your Hermoine’s as I talk you through what I love the most about Harry Potter this halloween season! 

Charms And Spells | There’s nothing better “than casting a spell to pest off those nasty dementors or even just unlocking a door to a secret passageway. We all know charms class is where we learn all those spells we need to cast as taught by Professor Flitwick! Charms has to be one of my favourite classes Harry, Ron and Hermoine take in the series! One of my favourite scenes is in the first film, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone or if your in the US it’s Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone.  “Wingardium Leviosa” is just the cutest spell to practice levitation. If you have seen The Craft movie they practice a spell to levitate one of the witches off the floor….

Character Wands | I absolutely adore the wands made for the Harry Potter movies. One of my favourite wands from the series is Hermoine’s. Hermoine’s wand is made of vine wood and has a dragon heartstring core. I adore the pattern on the wand, it’s just so beautiful yet it looks like it’s been used a lot! I just love how brave Hermoine is from start to finish! I do own Hermoine’s wand which I purchased from the noble collection uk. They sell prop replicas of character wands and if you are a collector it’s definitely a website you need to visit…

Another wand that I really love the look of is Sirius Black’s wand. Sirius’s wand is made of resin and measures 15cm long. I just love the scene in Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban where they trying to free Harry from being taken to Voldermort by Peter Pettigrew. This is the movie where Harry finds out Sirius is his godfather. I am a huge fan of Sirius in general! I don’t own Sirius’s wand yet but I really want to pick it up…

Another wand that takes my eye is Luna Lovegood’s wand. I believe Luna had two wands in the series I adore her second wand. Luna’s wand is sculpted in resin and measures 33.25 cm in length. It looks very feminine and has a tulip design at the end. Another wand I really want to add to my collection…

The Great Hall | One of the most magical rooms or areas of Hogwarts is of course The Great Hall. It features in all 7 books and movies.  It’s a room I can’t wait to see when we visit the Warner Bros Studios Tour this December, I’m so excited! The Great Hall is simply the most magical and stunning place in Hogwarts. From the decor to the feasts it’s the perfect place to socialise or study for all houses. If your Gryffindoor like me perhaps I’ll see you alongside Harry, Ron and Hermoine! Grab yourself a book from the library and research “how to look magical on halloween”

Believing In The Magic | There’s no doubt every single one of us who is potter obsessed as tried to cast a spell or simply say Im a witch or a wizard! It feels great to think that there could honestly be a world full of wizards and witches but of course it’s only fictional! To be honest I have a huge interest in the wiccan world and love all movies related to witchcraft. I just find it so interesting to learn all about stories from centuries ago, the spells that were cast, the magic that happened. Trust me were all witches at heart! 

The Sorting Ceremony | Now who wouldn’t want to be called forward from Professor Mcgonagall to sit under the sorting hat on halloween night! Imagine if you could be chosen for the opposite house your in and have a completely different character! I have just 12hours before the clock strikes 12 and I’m back at Gryffindoor. What would I do differently, sneek around Slytherin’s common room, enter the forbidden forest more, make friends with Bellatrix and of course sit down to tea with Voldermort. Now I am just kidding right but to be chosen your house by the sorting hat would be amazing!! You can actually buy a talking sorting hat now, it’s something I sneakingly want but don’t think the adult in me could pick it up…

The Ghosts Of Hogwarts | Now we all know Harry Potter has it’s ghosts, no I don’t mean Voldermort I mean the nice kind lol! What I loved throughout the series are the ghosts in Hogwarts. Of course I’m in Gryffindoor so it’s always right to speak about Nearly Headless Nick first. Nick was a 15th century nobleman who fell in love with Lady Grieve. Nick was of course a wizard who tried to help Lady Grieve and unfortunately his actions backfired and he was sentenced to death. One of my favourite scene’s in Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone is when Hermoine says “How can you be nearly headless?” and Nick pulling his head to the side says “like this!” 

Then there’s The Grey Lady who is the ghost of Ravenclaw house. The Grey Lady was the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw the house founder. Helena had stole Rowen’s diadem and was stabbed by the baron who was sent to bring her back. The Grey Lady also stars in The Deathly Hallows as Harry searches for the horcruxes..

The ghost of Hufflepuff is of course The Fat Friar! The Fat Friar was by no means a hufflepuff himself and was in course a monk! Obviously his magical ways got him executed after the church suspected him of using magic..

Finally there’s The Bloody Baron who was Slytherin’s House ghost. The Bloody Baron was the one who killed The Grey Lady! After that horrendous incident he killed himself with the same dagger! 

Chocolate Frogs and Confectionary | From the trip on Hogwarts Express to Honeydukes in Hogsmeade I adore  how The Chocolate Frogs look! In the first movie Ron had one and the frog jumped out of the window on the Hogwarts Express. To this day I have not yet tried The Chocolate Frogs you can buy from The Studios Tour! Mainly because we have never been there! I have seen all the HP confectionary you can get online and I have seen others try it out on youtube too 🙂 But I have restrained myself from buying it until we go to the tour, so excited to sink my teeth into a giant solid chocolate frog, teeth be prepared! 

Ginny Weasley | Ginny has to be one of my favourite female characters in Harry Potter. Her character is so underrated in my opinion! From being young Ginny to playing in Quidditch, fighting in Dumbledore’s army and Marrying Harry she’s just the best! I still need to get her wand too 🙂 I’d say her character just ace’d the series. I mean apart from being manipulated by Tom Riddle in The Chamber Of Secrets she got it all at the end! Imagine If there was a Harry and Ginny spin off besides The Cursed Child I mean..no spoilers please. I haven’t read that one yet…

What do you love the most about Harry Potter?

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