Glam Brushes Princess Edit*

Glam Brushes Princess Edit

Full of magic, joy, unicorns, mermaids, coffee, pink, fairytales and princess’s todays edit is all about a super gorgeous delivery I got this month! Sprinkled with love, cotton candy and everything pink these gorgeous brushes have been created by the gorgeous SLMISS GLAM! 

Steph the girl behind SLMISS GLAM kindly sent over these gorgeous pink princess brushes and I fell in love instantly! They are absolutely stunning and perfect for all the pretty pink princesse’s! Stephanie is the most nicest girlie over on youtube and social media, I absolutely adore her brand, her designs are just amazing and add a touch of pink luxe to every girl out there!

This is my second parcel from Stephanie and I fall in love with them even more, seeing them on Instagram to them actually being in your hands is so so different trust me! Once you have them in your collection they are the most gorgeous brush sets I’ve ever seen, this one is the Pink Princess Glam Brush Book! 

Sparkle Every Day

You transported to your own magical fairytale as soon as you receive your parcel! Steph’s shipping boxes are absolutely stunning! Your fairytale begins with mermaids, unicorns, fuzzy clouds, cotton candy, sweets, donuts and coffee! What’s not to love! These illustrations are some of the most feminine and girly images I’ve seen and I am obsessed with them!

Sweet Sugar

The Pink Princess Brush Book comes in a pink patent zipped book, the quality is of course amazing and I love how Steph has put so much effort into these! The brush book contains all the brushes individually and  they look like book pages too! Each page comes with a gorgeous quote sprinkled with some beautiful lettering! I adore this touch as I love a good quote especially if its surrounded by gold and pink! Gorgeous quotes to match the princess that you are!

You Had me At Coco

I absolutely adore the Chanel reference in this brush book too, everyone knows Steph adores Chanel, it’s such a gorgeous brand!

The Pink Princess Brush book comes with 25 beautiful pink brushes, styled with some unicorn and jewel touches! The jewels are so lovely and add a touch of luxury to the brushes because why not, all princess’s have to have some jewels havn’t they! There are also 5 new styles in this brush set, with a pink fairytale handle and SLMISS Glam engraved on them they really are brushes which take you to the most perfect whimsical pink girly dreamland! The brushes are super soft too and I love the mix of pink and white brush hairs, so so girly right!

I can’t believe I finally own of these gorgeous brush books! The style, the design, the colours, the whimsical fairytale like feeling is just beyond magical! Steph has really excelled with these brushes and OMG I would love to add more to my collection!

I want to thank her for sending over this glam brush book because I can truly see how magical they are, they definitely make you feel like a real life princess and I can’t wait to see how beautiful and girly these make my feed look! (Not that my feed isn’t girly already!) I mean with these I can drift off to to fairyland, perhaps one day I may have my very own unicorn out there, I can bring my makeup brushes and my crown too!


Have you ever tried SLMISS GLAM brushes before?





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