Getting Into The Festive Spirit

Hey lovelies…surely by now everyone must be getting into the festive spirit!! If your not I decided to talk about some ways you can cheer yourself up or others for the festive season 🙂 Yes I am writing this in November as I’m so excited for christmas and can’t contain my excitement!! Plus we have christmas songs playing too (I’m jumping for joy and  the boyfriend is sighing telling me its November haha) I love the run up to christmas so I have put together some ideas that will get you into the festive spirit….

Gift wrap like your a professional

I must say I love it when you get to wrap the gifts you have got for everyone. I make this a must because I love to choose the colour scheme and all the decorations your going to use.  I always tend to stick ribbon or those novelty stars you get in packs on the outside. It makes the gifts look more professional even though you think your absolutely rubbish at wrapping lol. To be fair I’m quite proud of how I wrap, something I learnt growing up as a kid. Now others especially my mum ask me to do their wrapping for them. Oh and the christmas songs are on the radio too…

Visit a Christmas Market in your nearest city

I love christmas markets especially those that are in other areas. We usually go to Manchester Christmas markets as that’s what I’m used to. Im from manchester and never miss this event even though I live miles away now. We also like going to places like Chester, Liverpool, Birmingham and York. York is lovely at Christmas time. They hold their annual St Nicholas event where you can do the ice trail too. York just looks beautiful in the winter, it’s one of my favourite cities here in the UK..

Stock up on some more Christmas Jumpers for you and/or your family

I love picking up some christmas jumpers every year. I must have quite a few but then again I love wearing jumpers in general. If I could I would wear them all year round. I usually pick up ones with glitter on in the shades cream, light and black. Sometimes I pick up the novelty ones that you could wear to a christmas dinner or an event. There’s usually someone in your family that comes dressed like a turkey or an elf. Some of the jumpers I have seen this year are pretty good actually..

Visit the huge department stores that you only go in at christmas

I love going to Harrods, Selfridges, House Of Fraser, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols in the winter. Their christmas decorations are amazing. I think they really go all out at this time of the year. I remember visiting Macys in New York and by god was their store magical. There’s just something about how the stores decorate that makes you want to buy something. I always come out with soemthing I don’t need but there you go that’s me, does anyone else do that?? I love taking photos of all the decorations too, the Harrods store in London is stunning, their windows are so beautiful once again…

Watch some Christmas Movies..

Now this is a must to get yourself into the festive spirit. You can’t beat a good christmas movie and if you haven’t seen Elf then where have you been!! I love Miracle on 34th Street as well as Home Alone oh and The Grinch too. You definitely need the sweets and treats when you settle down and watch films…mince pies chocolate oh and the wine too guys…

Listen to some Christmas music

Whether your shopping, travelling, working, decorating the house or at a party you definitely need to be listening to christmas playlists. The month of December is all about christmas music in my opinion. I’m listening to christmas music now, does that count??….lol

Plan your Christmas Party Outfit and Makeup

For some reason this gets me into the festive spirit so quickly as I love wearing somethign sparkly. I also love to change my makeup a little bit and wear a little bit of glitter on the eyes. I love putting outfits together especially for christmas parties and events…

Light a Christmas candle and have a Christmas pamper

This I love to do. I light one of my yankee christmas candles and use christmas products for a nice soak in the bath. Is it just me or does anybody else use christmas releases only in December lol. It just doesn’t feel right using a christmas body butter or shower gel in the summer lol….

Decorating your tree and house

This is always a good one to do if your not quite in the festive spirit. Put the christmas songs on, pull the cobwebs off the decorations, hang your tinsel up, pop the star on the tree and sit back and think omg not another year almost over!! This is us every year saying “can’t believe this year is almost over, where has the time gone?” We always try to say we will do this next year or this will happen then and it never happens, think we live in the moment more..

And lastly remember to to be thankful, appreciate what you have, love each other, pop your favourite christmas song on and have a ball….enjoy xo

Video credit to @EltonJohn VEVO You Tube Channel

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