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Get To Know The Influencer Series

Hi loves. Your probably thinking where are the beauty posts right? I know I’m all about beauty but I wanted to add a little something different onto the blog. I’ve always wanted to interview some of my favourite people on youtube and those who may have blogs too.  So I went out of my way to do a little research, put some questions together and contact those that inspire me the most. I will be doing a series of these posts so you can discover somebody new to watch or learn more about those you do watch….

Today I’ve decided to start the Influencer Series with Getting To Know KENDALL ALFRED. Kendall has a youtube channel with over 149+ subscribers. Kendall has been one of my favourites on youtube for such a long time. I love her content and she’s very thorough with her videos. I enjoy watching her beauty reviews and think she’s perfect for part 1 of this series. Kendall lives over in the States too so let’s hear more from her…

The Questions…..

1. What Inspired you to begin your youtube channel/blog?

When I discovered the world of beauty on YouTube I was truly fascinated and got sucked in immediately. After diving in and following some OG YouTube gurus for a few years my passion for makeup and beauty grew and grew. I began creating short little nail tutorials and eventually gained the confidence to show my face and actually talk to the camera – and here we are today! 

2. Who are your favourite influencers/ bloggers in the beauty industry?

I have so many favourite influencers that I watch religiously it really would be impossible to name them all! At the moment a couple of beauty influencer’s that I never miss a video from are Samantha Ravndahl and Nicole Guerierro. I am constantly changing what I am interested in watching though so it’s really always different! 

3. How do you stay motivated with your youtube channel/ blog?

It really is a constant struggle to remain motivated to produce content on social media. That’s the ongoing struggle. I really just find motivation from my subscribers and followers because if I go too long without posting I start to feel like I am letting them down. I try to find genuine inspiration before every post.. so sometimes there is a lag in posting. It’s something I am always working on. 

4. Are there any brands you would recommend to those starting out in makeup and beauty?

For beginners in makeup I really suggest starting out in the drugstore and working your way up to high end products. Small investments in key products like the correct foundation or a few makeup brushes will build a better foundation to grow your passion from. I don’t suggest going all out and investing a ton of money in the high end brands before building your skills. 

5. I absolutely love your makeup tutorials, what have been some of your favourites to create?

Thank you so much! Honestly my favourite makeup tutorials are holiday tutorials. I am always my most inspired during the holiday season. Anything with glitter and a bold lip really just make me happy to look back on. 

Photo credit to Kendall Alfred 

6. Do you have a favourite motivational quote/ saying?

I don’t really have a go-to quote or saying. But I do know that if you truly believe in yourself and what you are capable of you will be successful.

7. How did you feel when you hit your first milestone?

Every milestone feels the same to me. I feel beyond shocked and happy and overwhelmed. When I hit 1K, 10K, 100K it felt the same every time. I am so grateful for everyone who helps push me there. 

8. If you didn’t have a youtube channel/ blog what do you think you would be doing now?

If I wasn’t doing social media as a career I would definitely be in law enforcement. I’ve always been inclined to do something within the criminal justice field. 

9. What was your first influencer/ blog event?

My first influencer event wasn’t really meant for “Influencers” but I attended IMATS NYC with a brand and had such an amazing first experience meeting subscribers and people behind the scenes of some of my favourite brands. I would love to go back.

10. Are there any celebrities you take inspiration from?

I don’t really idolise many celebrities but I always appreciate the trendiness and style of the Kardashian’s. Kim and Kourtney have such simple/classy vibes in their wardrobe and I love that. As far as makeup I really just take inspiration as it comes from other artists/current trends/colours in nature. 

Photo credit to Kendall Alfred 

I want to thank Kendall for saying yes to being part of this series. Kendall your channel is one of my favourites and hope my readers/ audience will follow and watch you. You have come such a long way and Im so proud of you….xo

You can find Kendall’s Youtube Channel HERE

You can watch Kendall’s latest video below, don’t forget to subscribe to her too loves….

Video credit to Kendall Alfred

Thanks so much for getting this far…..x

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