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Get To Know The Influencer Series

Hi loves. Your probably thinking where are the beauty posts right? I know I’m all about beauty but I wanted to add a little something different onto the blog. I’ve always wanted to interview some of my favourite people on youtube and those who may have blogs too.  So I went out of my way to do a little research, put some questions together and contact those that inspire me the most. I will be doing a series of these posts so you can discover somebody new to watch or learn more about those you do watch….

I don’t think I’ve done a blog post like this for at least a month as I have been so busy with work and then I was unwell for weeks and I have just so much to write about that it all gets a little bit hectic at times…anyways

For todays 3rd blog post in this series I want you all to get to know the lovely ASHLEY KLATY. Ashley is an American youtuber and photographer. Ashley has been on youtube since 2012 and I just love her bubbly character on screen. She has to be one of my favourites on you tube, she makes you feel so happy when you watch her. I just love how excited she gets about beauty products and thats me down to a t. Ashley talks about beauty, fashion and photography on her channel and she also owns her photography company. Let’s see what questions she answered for us…

The Questions…

1. If youtube/your blog is your job how do you balance family, friends and other commitments?

Balancing Youtube, work, family, and friends is a constant struggle! I’m still a work in progress trying to find that balance

2. Your youtube channel is one of my favourites 🙂 Your always so bubbly and very thorough with videos. How long have you been making content?

I’ve been posting videos to Youtube for 4 years as of August. I started making videos for awhile before I ever posted one and then August 2014 I finally posted my first one!

3.What has inspired you to begin your youtube channel/blog?

It started as another way to be creative for fun. I always have something I’m working on.  I went to college for Photography and Art and love to create. So between, photography, painting, and drawing, video just seemed like another fun avenue to explore. I ended up falling in love with it

Photo credit to Ashley Klaty

4. Have you met any other influencers/bloggers?

Yes, I’ve met quite a few different influencers and bloggers. It’s always fun to meet the people you see everyday on your phone or computer. It’s also kind of weird at first because you feel like you know each other and have this connection yet you are just meeting for the first time, haha 

5. If there was one eyeshadow palette you would recommend to others what would it be?

Oooh these are always so hard to answer because I feel like my favourite palettes change over time. One that I can’t put down right now is the Born to Run Palette from Urban Decay. It’s a palette you can use all year round; it has really pretty neutrals and fun pops of colour!

6. You recently travelled to Greece, what were your thoughts? Was this your first time in Europe?

Yes! Traveling to Greece was so much fun. It had always been on my bucket list to go there so I was beyond excited when we were able to make it happen! I absolutely loved it there. The people, the food, the landscape, the history oh my goodness I could go on and on! haha I would love to go back again.  I’ve actually been to quite a few countries in Europe. When I was in college I spent some time over there and it was amazing

Photo credit to Ashley Klaty

7.Your also a photographer. If you had to choose one, youtube or photography what would you choose? 

I don’t know if I could! I lucked out falling in love with both photography and youtube. I have so much fun working with cameras to create something and they go hand in hand. I take video on photoshoots and I take photos when filming for youtube so I really get the best of both worlds

8.If you could have one wish in the world what would it be?

Don’t I have to keep that a secret so it’ll come true!? haha

9.What is a typical youtube/blogging day for you?

I alternate my days between filming and editing so my schedule is a little different depending on what the plan for the day is. Typically, mornings start with responding to emails, then I move to researching and planning out video ideas, and filming. I like to batch film so I usually film 2-3 videos at a time on filming days. Then there is editing, creating content for other social media posts, responding to comments on all the different social medias, ordering products, testing products, and so on! haha There’s so much more that goes into it than I ever would have guessed when I first started

10. Which brands do you love the most?

Some of my favourite brands are First Aid Beauty, Farmacy, Briogeo, Lawless, Pixi Beauty, Too Faced, Smashbox, ahh and many more 🙈 I have so many different brands I love for certain items but those are a few! 

Photo credit to Ashley Klaty

Thank you so much to Ashley for being a part of this series, it was so much fun contacting you, seeing your answers and putting this post together. You can follow Ashley on all of her socials down below…

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I have also included Ashley’s latest youtube video for you to take a look and don’t forget to subscribe to her too loves….

Video credit to Ashley Klaty

Hope your enjoying this series just as I much as I love putting them together. Thanks so much for looking through Ashley’s answers, another influencer will be added to this series soon….xo

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