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Fragrance Of The Month 

As much as I love beauty and makeup I also adore fragrances. I am an absolute fragrance junkie and adore fruity, floral and sweet scents. I was contacted by the lovely team over at Essence PR who sent out this gorgeous scent from the brand SEKSY BEAUTY. If you are familiar with the brand they also make watches too (which are stunning in my opinion). I also wanted to start doing Fragrance of the month posts if that is something you would be interested in?, let me know in the comments 🙂

Seksy Beauty released 3 new scents recently and I was kindly gifted a 50ml bottle. From the moment I was contacted to dispatch the team were so so lovely. They sent out the ENTICE fragrance which is described as a sweet, fruity scent perfect for the younger female. I can see why this would appeal to younger females because the bottle is not only stunning but it has a pink ribbon around the lid with a Swarovski heart gem attached to it. As you can see in the photo it’s absolutely gorgeous 🙂 

Seksy Beauty also have two other scents in this range called EMBRACE and ELEGANCE. Seksy Embrace is described as an enchanting and seductive scent with notes of orange blossom, blackcurrant and pear. I’m also a fan of scents infused with blackcurrant again part of the fruity family lol 🙂 Lastly Seksy Elegance is described as a elegant fragrance infused with mandarin, jasmine and rose. I’m so intrigued as to how these two scents smell compared to entice, I feel like I would love all 3 to be honest 🙂 Each fragrance retails for £35 on

Seksy Embrace and Seksy Elegance 

(Photo credit to Essence Pr and Seksy Beauty)

The Review

From the moment I received the parcel I opened it up straight away. The actual bottle looks more stunning in real life than it does on their website. When I smelt it you can definitely pick up those fruity notes but to me it smells like more of a grown up fruity scent if you get what I mean. The fragrance itself came housed in the most stunning hot pink and black box with a Swarovski authentication stamp on the front. The gem is in fact a genuine Swarovski heart and I debated about taking it off the bottle and adding it to my pandora charm bracelet. Obviously I didn’t want to damage the bottle so I have kept it on there..

If you follow my Instagram religiously you would have noticed that I posted about this fragrance way back in July. At that point it was in a queue for me to test out and see how I liked it. Of course I fell in love with it and it’s the first scent I had been gifted since I started blogging. With it being such a costly perfume I didn’t want to wear it as an “everyday scent”. I decided to wear this on off duty days and perhaps weekends, dinner dates etc So far I have had lots of compliments when I wear it as it’s one of those scents that can be smelt a mile off, literally. It’s also an eau de parfum so stays put a lot longer than a eau de toilette would.  I prefer to wear lighter scents for work as there not as strong.  When I got this out of my bag in restaurants or shops others did notice the bottle and asked what it was. Of course I had to tell them as most of them adored the gem on the front and said how ridiculously gorgeous it was! 

Overall this is the perfume that I have been using recently (yes it lasts a lot longer too). Over the last couple of months this is the one I’ve been grabbing when I head out the door to shop or pretty much go for a meal out or something. I just love pulling out the bottle as it looks so luxurious and much more expensive than it actually is. With Swarvoski being an Austrian brand and having a swan in its logo I thought the whole concept of Swarvoski is stunning, I mean if you look at a swan they tend to along the water so elegantly and it kinda resembles their vision perhaps.

Essence PR and Seksy Beauty were also kind enough to give me a discount code for any one of you to use. I did post this on my socials, if you missed it and want to use my code you can get 10% of your purchase of a fragrance on the Seksy Beauty website (link above) My code for all you lovely lot is 

“LEIGHA10” (code is case sensitive)

Enter that at checkout and you will get your discount xo  

Thank you’s 

First of all I want to thank the lovely team over at Essence Pr for contacting me and Seksy Beauty for sending out this gorgeous fragrance. I absolutely love it and look forward to seeing your future releases. I also want to thank YOU because without you following me on my socials, taking a look at my blog I wouldn’t be gifted these types of products. Everything I receive makes my day so thank you….xx

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