Five Things I’m Looking Forward To

Five Things I’m Looking Forward To

We’re at that time of the year where Summer is coming to a close and Autumn is on it’s way! I’ve been so excited for the new season yet excited about the little things too. I wanted to share five things I’m looking forward too in today’s post…

Purchase new candles for the Autumn season

I absolutely love candles no matter what time of the year it is. I’m in the mood to finish all the summer candles I have and stock up on some autumnal scents like pumpkin, vanilla and cinnamon. One of my favourite candle brands is of course Yankee Candle, their new Pumpkin Apple Parfait sounds amazing, the scent sounds like the perfect apple crumble on a autumn night…

Switching up my makeup collection

Recently I have been trying to use more of what I have without the constant need of buying and more buying! I absolutely adore what I have in my collection already and new releases always tempt me, I’ve decided to buy only those items I’m interested in rather than those that will just get left at the back of a drawer. So far I’ve been smashing it…

Each season I like to switch up my makeup collection, during the summer I go for more nude and soft makeup looks. Over the next few months I can’t wait to bring out the gold eyeshadows, the dramatic black liner and of course those berry lips. I absolutely adore bold makeup looks but not those ones you seen on Insta or youtube, I kinda like to put my own take on it! Charlotte Tilbury is my favourite brand, I’m obsessed with her artistry and of course her gorgeous makeup…

Go shopping for Autumnal decorations

Scrolling through Instagram can take up so much of my time, most of my news feed is filled with beauty and home interior posts. So far (we’re still in August!) I have seen so many accounts decorating their homes with Autumnal decor. Funnily enough I’ve been ready for Autumn for months now, I’m ready for summer to end now please!

I have been choosing a few stores I want to go have a nosey in, including Homesense, TK Maxx and The Range! I’ve seen so many gorgeous products for Autumn and of course Halloween. I would absolutely love having pumpkins around my home at this time of year and during this transitional period there’s nothing better than planning your decor right! I have seen a few decorative pieces that I’m interested in, I just have to get to the store to grab them….

Plan the upcoming season’s day trips

At this time of the year I have a love for venturing out more, spending time at the beach or going for ice cream doesn’t really top my list. I love days where you can wear cosy knitwear, grab a latte and sit by a cosy fire! Alongside these I love going to markets, pumpkin patches, visiting the theatre more, heading to some of the UK’s cities and of course christmas shopping…(I’m ready haha!)

A lot of places hold the traditional markets, we love going to places away from our home like Manchester, Birmingham and York. One of my favourite places for trips include Liverpool and London! Their decor and events they hold at this time of the year is amazing…

Cosy nights in

There’s nothing I love more than a cosy night in. I love these all year round, but when September rolls around I love them even more. There’s just something about the dark nights drawing in that make a cosy night that much more cosier (if you get what I mean). I love lighting a candle, popping on some music or a movie and snuggling up in the most cosiest blanket ever…..


There’s probably lots more I’m looking forward too but I would say these are the majority of them….do you have anything your excited about right now?