Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Hey lovelies…hope your all having a great weekend. I asked all of you on my Instagram stories if you wanted to see a post on the galaxy eyeshadow palette, majority of votes said yes so I finally got my hands on Ri Ri’s newest release the ‘Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette’. It is so stunning in person and the packaging is to die for. I love the metallic, chrome intergalactic look. It definitely looks like a galaxy, all the colours on the packaging are beautiful. Her name “Fenty” is also on the outside packaging, it has a gold glitter effect to it perfect for the holidays. The palette itself is inspired by the shape of a jewel and the design inside reminds me of diamonds for some reason. It could just be the way it is laid out, it’s quite unique as most palettes are usually set out from left to right(in rows). The palette has 14 shades all with dazzling shadows and topcoats. You would need to use another palette with this one. As you can see below there are no mattes in this palette just glitter shadows. When Ri Ri released her first collection I didn’t feel inspired or excited about it but I’m a palette junkie and knew I had to pick this up. In the galaxy collection there are also glitter liners, glitter glosses, lipsticks and a makeup brush. I didn’t get any of those, let me know if you do want to see any of Ri Ri’s first collection, I do want to try the foundation but I’m on the fence about it at the moment…

The mirror in this palette is insane. To be honest I don’t use mirrors that come in palette’s but the quality of this one is very good for what your paying. So if you travel a lot this palette would come in handy for you. I love how Ri Ri has also named the eyeshadows. The eyeshadow names are all related to the galaxy and space etc. I think she’s totalled nailed it with this palette you guys 🙂 As described on Ri Ri’s palette description(Description credit @FentyBeauty) all shade names are as follows:

Oh-Zone- Platinum Glittertopcoat

Xtra Terrestrial- Smoky Moss Iridescent Green Glitter

Mars On Fire- Copper Rose Glitter Topcoat

Cosmic Ocean- Aqua Glitter Topcoat

Ultraviolit- Smoky Violet With Iridescent Glitter

Lightyear-Smoky Charcoal With Gold Glitter

Midnight Bolt- True Blue With Superfine Glitter

Meteor Crush- Pink And Gold Glitter Topcoat]

Sublime- Mint And Gold Glitter Topcoat

Planet Ex- Smoky Brown With Iridescent Glitter

Space Owt- Smoky Grape With Holographic Blue Glitter

Jupiter Sand- Smoky Chocolate With Iridescent Purple Glitter

Milky Way- Ivory With Iridescent Glitter

Sunburst- Amber With Gold Glitter

I absolutely love the swatches of this palette. Remember guys that swatches are not true to the shadow colour. They may appear differently on the eyes on different skin tones and types. When I did the swatches these are my first impressions. I did not use a primer or spray beforehand and I did not use any type of brush. All swatches are done by my ring finger on the inside of my arm. I do have to say though that I did swatch the shades at least 2 to 3 times to get good colour pay off. I wanted you guys to see the colour as much as possible so the photos below are the swatches I did as soon as it arrived. I was too excited to see the pigment and I was not disappointed…:) 

From T-B are the shades Xtra Terrestrial, Lightyear, Planet Ex, Oh Zone, Ultraviolit, Sublime and Milkyway

The shades above are the first two rows of the palette going from left to right. The shades I love the most in these rows are Xtra Terrestrial, Lightyear, Planet Ex and Sublime

From T-B are the shades Cosmic ocean, Meteor Crush, Jupiter Sand, Mars On Fire, Midnight Bolt, Space Owt and Sunburst

I have to say that these 2 rows are my favourite in the entire palette. From my first impressions I think I’m going to love these rows more. I absolutely love that blue shade , it’s called Midnight Bolt. It kinda reminds me of the shade “Pingy” from Nicol Concilio’s palette with Violet Voss. I did a post on that palette too if you want to give it a read. Check it out here guys 😉 Midnight Bolt is a lot lighter though if you have seen swatches of “Pingy” already..

Video credit to @NikkiaJoy youtube channel

I have inserted Nikki’s video on the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Colelction for you to see the products in use. Hope you like it and make sure to subscribe to Nikki she’s fab 🙂  

I can’t wait to use these shadows as lid toppers with a little bit of fix plus and see how they perform on the eyes. Have any of you picked up anything from Ri Ri’s galaxy collection? What do you think about the holiday collection? The palette retails for £39..

Thank you so much for reading xo

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