Favourite ways to relax and unwind

Hey lovelies….THIS is going to be a different post to what I’m used to writing about. I find my full time job takes up most of my week  and my most favourite time of the day is when you can relax and unwind. I work in the health and social care sector, I have done since I was a young age. It’s a profession you need to have patience, compassion and care for others like their your own. I absolutely love the career choice I have however blogging is quickly becoming a new love of mine. So I have put some little ideas together that you may currently do or will choose to do in the future…enjoy and RELAX, it’s the time YOU need the most to BE YOU,  BE HAPPY  and most importantly LOVE YOURSELF first….

Grab a beverage/hot drink

So as soon as I arrive home from work  or a day out the first thing that’s a ritual in our house is poppin’ the kettle on!! It’s a must, I love a good brew or shall I say cup of tea. Sometimes I reach for cappuccinos even though I don’t drink regular coffee I can be so fussy.  It kinda relaxes your mind and your body, the first sip of your hot drink always reminds me of the pg tips adverts with the monkey in lol..and yeah

Put on my playlist

When I finally get round to my most favourite possession EVER…my macbook pro which I got for christmas two christmas’s ago I have been in love since. It’s a winner in my eyes and perfect for checking my emails, social platforms and any other admin I need to go through. I tend to hop on to spotify, itunes or deezer and put on some of my favourite tracks. At the moment I have been loving the band perry, kate voegele, camilla cabello and train. Their music is very upbeat with some soothing songs in between. I just love sitting and relaxing listening to the actual words of the songs rather than the music. As a child I listened to the beat now it’s the words that get me..I feel songs can tell STORIES if you listen deeply….

Brainstorming blog ideas

I have always wanted to start a beauty and lifestyle blog. I have spent so much time searching through you tube and watching my favourite influencers, scrolling through instagram, twitter and pinterest. There are so many different types of blogs out there that beauty is a HUGE passion of mine. I have always collected make up, bath and body products, hair products, candles, homeware etc I’m a real girly girl at heart and reading other blogger pages is  what enabled me to just go for it and start my own little corner of the internet thats just ME…this is just the beginning and I’m excited to see where blogging takes me. So far I have enjoyed every minute of it and it certainly does get you thinking more, it’s the little things…

Candle’s for some heavenly scents

For me it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is to be able to light a candle. I absolutely love candles and must pick these up every month around pay day. I absolutely love all the different types of scents you can buy these days. Packaging gets me a mile off, if its  rose gold, silver, white or copper ITS BOUGHT…recently I have picked up a few candle and tealight holders that just make it that much more RELAXING. Yankee candle must be my favourite brand so when I can afford to splurge these are at the top of the list….

Beauty and a bit of a pamper

When it gets to early hours of the evening if we are not going out or have anything planned for that evening i like to take a hot bath and have a bit of a pamper.  A hot bath after a 12 hour shift is heaven, trust me surrounded by some current faves in the playlist, my candles and my tablet i’m in my element. FACE mask friday comes round once a week and for this I’m currently using the charlotte tilbury goddess skin clay mask and then afterwards I usually use the magic cream moisturiser. The moisturiser is my favourite at the moment, yes it’s expensive but so worth the cash. For a glowing look especially in the summer the product I have been loving is the charlotte tilbury supermodel body. I took this away with me and it was so luscious under natural sunlight..

Hope you have an enjoyable evening whatever your getting up to, for now I will leave you with this track from the band perry, its a got upbeat tempo to it, yet the style is very country, their siblings and have been on the music scene since 2010 with their self titled debut album the band perry. The title of this song is very much my motto, without it we wouldn’t be US,  we wouldn’t be individual’s, we wouldn’t be unique so live love and most importantly laugh…..it’s the best medicine 🙂

Thanks for reading

Leighanne xoxo

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