Favourite Christmas Movies

Hey lovelies…I made it through one week of Blogmas!! I can’t wait until all the christmas movies start showing on the television. I decided to put a post together showing you guys some of my  christmas movies I love to watch, especially with hot chocolate and treats 🙂 I don’t think I have a TOP favourite but there are a few I love to watch every christmas..even if its for the millionth time enjoy xo

The most romantic comedy I never pass on has to be Love Actually. The film has so many talented actors and actresses and I just love Hugh Grant. Definitely one of the best “British” Actors in my eyes. I just love how witty he is in this film and it’s a feel good film too so when Hugh starts dancing to Jump For My Love you have to get up right! You also see a young “Rick Grimes” in this movie too, walking dead fans will know who I mean. Plus RIP to the sensational Alan Rickman….x

One of the best Christmas movie/movies ever made have to be of course Home Alone 1 and 2. I absolutely love both of these films. I must start watching these in November I think as I’m always ready for Christmas by then 🙂 I love how an 8 year old child protected his home from robbery at christmas time. I love how it tells a story and again in Home alone 2 Kevin is lost in New York. He also makes a friend in the park. I feel like 8 year old Kevin is being taught two valuable lessons in both movies. I do love Home alone 2 as I can now say “I’ve been there” every time I watch it…

A more recent christmas movie I enjoy at this time of the year has to be Elf!! I adore Will Farrell, he is one of the most funniest actors in todays acting world.  I love the story behind this one, a little baby  goes inside Santas bag at one of his house visits and ends up growing up as an ELF but shall we say an ELF that’s a lot taller than the rest.  Another movie thats set in New York City, I’m just counting out each shop or place I’ve been to when the toy store or fifth avenue comes on the screen….

One of my favourite classic Christmas movies has to be Miracle on 34th street. I have talked about this movie earlier on in Blogmas. I watched this when I was little and it’s what inspired me to visit New York. After watching it as a child I said I wanted to go there but as a 7 year old kid how was that going to be possible. So many years down the line my dream of setting foot in NYC came true and memories of the film came flooding down. I actually stayed right around the corner from 34th street too…ironic huh…

I’m not going to mention too many more but I wanted to save this one until last as it’s a movie I think doesn’t get talked about a lot. I feel it’s so underated. At the time it came out I was only small so it may have done really well on the cinema I’m not so sure. I just remember having this on vhs and I would not put it down. Michael Keaton is one of my favourite actors and he stared as the Dad and Snowman in the movie Jack Frost. I absolutely love this movie, it tells the tale of a young boy’s dad who comes back to life in a snowman he built at christmas time. It’s such a magical film, heartbreaking at times. Overall its a feel good movie and teaches you that family is more important than having gifts under the christmas tree. Having your family with you is the best christmas gift anyone could ever receive….

All videos are courtesy of YouTube..I have not made any of these so credit therefore is given to YT

So that’s it guys. I wanted to you to take a look at what I love the most over christmas time. I definitely recommend all of these movies. They make you laugh, make you cry(happy tears though right) and of course allow you to have the best christmas ever….

What are your favourite christmas movies??? 

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