Dose of Colors DesiXKaty Collection

Hey lovelies.…happy saturday!! 🙂 Hope your having a good weekend so far…Today’s post is an EXCITING ONE. It’s a collection I was dying to get my hands on. Dose of colours collaborated with both Desi Perkins and Lustrelux(Katy). Dose of Colours was founded by Anna Petrosian and this is her first collaboration with her brand. I had never tried anything from dose of colors so this collection is my first purchase. Im so impressed with this collection, it truly is beautiful. I believe you can pick up dose of colors on beautybay here in the UK. This collection launched on the 14th of August and I managed to get some items to try out. The collection was promoted so well and for it to be designed with two youtube influencers was amazing. Both Desi and Katy are #friendshipgoals 🙂 I have watched Desi and Katy on youtube for such a long time and when they announced they were creating some makeup products I was so excited to see which brand it was with. You can shop the products here on the dose of colors website (Being restocked this month guys!!) 

Firstly the packaging of these products are stunning. The rose gold reflective detail on the boxes

caught my eye straight away. I love anything rose gold and I knew I had to add these to my makeup collection. I seen so many pictures circulating around social media and was truly shook to see how much detail has been put into the items.  They are so me and look a lot more expensive than they actually are. You would think that these  products were made by a luxury brand. When my order arrived it was packed very well and had the usual bubblewrap inside. The order also came with a promo card with both Desi and Katy wearing the products.  Both Desi and Katy’s names are also on the product packaging too. The order also came with a card that tells you how to use the eyeshadow palette. Once you open the packaging the products themselves are GORGEOUS!! Both the eyeshadow palette and highlighters come in a rosegold case. OMG they are lush!! I am absolutely in love with the design. I believe Katy said she had saw some handbags with rose gold and a texture that inspired her with the design of this collaboration. You also get the dose of colours logo embossed on the products too 🙂

The DesiXKaty collection is such a lovely collection for any makeup lover or junkie 🙂 It comes with an eyeshadow palette, two highlighters, 2 lipsticks, 2 liquid lipsticks and one gloss.  I picked up the eyeshadow palette, the highlighter in “Mirame” and the two lipsticks. The product that excited me the most in this collection was the eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette retails for $28.00. I have swatched the shades on my arm(swatches inserted below). I am so happy with the palette. The shades are beautiful and when you swatch the shades wet there so lovely. Two of the shades are designed to be used wet to give maximum effect on the eyes. I absolutely love eyeshadows palette’s and wanted this so much. I picked up the highlighter that had a deeper tone to it to try it out. I believe “Mirame” is for deeper skin tones and “Fuego” is for lighter skin tones. Now that I have Mirame I really want to try Fuego(being restocked this month).  Mirame is such a gorgeous shade. I am super impressed with it and on the skin it is blinding!! Absolutely gorgeous all year round. Even when I added mac fix plus to my brush the intensity is unreal!!  The highlighters retail for $28.00 too….

The lipsticks I picked up are in the shades “No shade” and “More creamer please”. Both lipsticks are nude (what a suprise!!). I absolutely love nude lipsticks, no matter how many I own there all different…really!! Both lipsticks retail for $16.00. The items that I did not pick up were the liquid lipsticks in ‘Savage” and “Hotfire”. They looked lovely when they were promoting them but I have so many liquid lipsticks that I was undecided on these. Hot fire is perfect for summer and Savage is lovely for the fall and winter seasons. These retail for $18.00. The last product in the collection I did not get excited about was the lipgloss in “Over the top”. I feel like there are so many lip glosses out there that have a clear/sheer effect to them. I probably own too many too. This retails for $18.00. Take a look at the website for further details 🙂

The eyeshadow palette is called “The Girls”. The shade names are the names of Desi and Katy’s dogs. From T-B the shades are Noli, Suz, Harpoon and Turbosan. The shades underneath the heart are both Suz and Harpoon swatched WET.  On the card it tells you how to use the shades. (The following text is taken from the promo card. Credit to @doseofcolors)  SUZ- Toast the night away with this crispy champagne shade. A super creamy texture that is formulated to be used wet. For maximum texture/color payoff apply with a damp finger. HARPOON- Take metallic to a whole new level with this dazzling shade. This unique shadow is formulated to be used wet. For maximum texture/color payoff apply with a damp finger

From T-B is the highlighter in “Mirame”. Look how gorgeous that shade is!! I am absolutely in love with it. You could also  use this as an eyeshadow too.  The two heart swatches are the lipsticks in “More creamer please” and “No shade”. Again these are your typical ndue shades but still so so different. I love both of them. I think my favourite would have to be no shade as I love the peach undertone. Im so easy to please with a nude lipstick..:)

Do you have any of this collection?? What do you think of it?? Are you going to pick up anything in the restock..let me know in the comments guys..:)

The above video was a fan event and party where Desi and Katy invited fans to celebrate the launch of the collection 🙂 Video credit to @Doseofcolors yt channel

Desi and Katy talking about their launch with Dose of Colors  🙂 Video credit to @DesiPerkins yt channel

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I think that this post has been one of my favourites to write about. Desi and Katy truly are an inspiration to me, their makeup skills and personalities are spot on. Take a look at their youtube channels too 🙂 I am absolutely happy and proud of their collaboration with Anna and wish them all the best with their careers 🙂 Thank you so much for reading….xoxo

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