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Adding to my Huda Beauty collection…….

Huda Kattan has to be one of my favourite influencers in the beauty community and as a role model for all us females. Huda started her makeup line back in 2013 and since then she has become of the well known and biggest beauty bloggers in the world. I already own some pieces from Huda’s line but wanted to add to my collection and Cult Beauty was definitely the place to shop! I kinda had a HUGE Huda Beauty haul and don’t think I’m one bit sorry about it, keep reading if you want to see what I managed to pick up….

Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection is described as a makeup base but to a lot of us it’s a primer. I never used to think highly enough of primers but now I know their purpose I’m always on the lookout for primers that do what they say they do. I believe this primer has a scent to it and when I read the product description it mentioned rose hip oil . I love anything that has rose in. Some have said it smells quite strong however the scent doesn’t really affect me. I swatched it on the back of my hand when I received it and yes it does feel quite heavy but it feels tacky. I love primers that have a tacky feel to them as you know it’s going to keep your foundation on your face. It also dries quite matte as well which is nice…

Huda Beauty #Faux Filter Foundation is Huda’s first foundation release. I think Huda released this is the autumn of 2017 and finally I now own one. I did feel quite overwhelmed by all the foundation shades as I had no clue what shade I would be and I didn’t fancy finding a store that stocked Huda Beauty. One thing I did do was take a look more at her shades as they are advertised as fair, light, medium, tan and rich. I took a look at the light shades and then watched some influencers on youtube. It wasn’t just one or two videos I spent the longest time finding a youtuber that had applied the shade I picked up. I did find one which encouraged me to get my chosen shade. In the end I purchased the shade Chai and it was the best match ever!! It’s also very full coverage which is what I look for in a foundation. I’m still testing it out so I may actually do a follow up post to this one….

Huda Beauty Face, Buff And Blend Brush was definitely an impulse buy. How beautiful is this brush though??? I had also heard some good things about this brush and decided to add it to my collection. It’s also a brush I will want to use for foundation as I mentioned in a previous post the majority of the time I use my hands to apply foundation because that’s what I’m comfortable with. However I DO want to start using brushes more just for hygiene reasons really. When I received this brush it came packaged really well and the bristles are so soft too. I’m yet to try it out but I will let you guys know what it’s like….

Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette is one of the most stunning palette’s I’ve ever seen. I did watch some you tube videos on this before deciding to purchase it. As you all I’m an eyeshadow palette junkie and do own Huda’s Desert Dusk Palette (You can take a look at my post HERE). I believe Huda released these in time for christmas last year and I did decide NOT to get them at the time however we all know what I’m like when it comes to palettes. Huda has 4 of these 9 pan palette’s. The first one I picked up was the Mauve Obsessions. This palette has matte, satin and foil shadows. You tube influencers did encourage me to buy this one and I thought to myself is it as good as there saying. OMG I was so impressed with this palette. The swatches below are finger swatches and the first time seeing how they apply on my arm.  The swatches were done without any primer or spray. I was blown away with how pigmented these shades are. I don’t think Huda named the shadows in these 9 pan palette’s. Swatches from T-B are rows 1 -3 in the palette starting from left to right…just look at those foil shadows!!

Huda Beauty Mauve Obessions Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette is another palette I have seen all over Instagram and You Tube. I was drawn to that amazing silver shadow and the other foils. I’m a huge lover of metallic and foil shadows. Again Smokey Obsessions is another 9 pan palette and has rose gold, copper, cocoa and mahogany brown hues. The palette has again matte, satin and foil shadows. Another amazing reaction when this palette was swatched on my arm. I can’t believe how good these shadows are and how small the pans are. But trust me the pigmentation from such small palette’s are insane!! Just look at the 3rd, fourth, fifth and sixth foil shades on my arm, how lovely are those. One thing I did notice was the matte black in the top left of the palette swatched quite sheer on my arm (Very first shadow at the top of my wrist). Now I don’t know if that’s just me swatching it wrong or it’s quite sheer anyway. Do any of you have this palette and notice the same thing?? One thing I will say is I don’t really use black shadows so it might not get much use from me anyway.  The other mattes were perfect and can’t wait to use this more. Swatches from T-B are rows 1 -3 in the palette starting from left to right…

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Lastly in this Huda Beauty haul I picked up Huda’s latest highlighting palette, the Bronze Sands Edition. How stunning is this palette!!! I absolutely love bronze shades and palette’s like this have me sold straight away. Huda’s highlighting palettes have 4 shades inside and are designed to be used as a prep, to set, to sculpt and to flush. You don’t have to use them in that order, I know I don’t. What I do love about Huda’s highlighters is how creamy they are and they look amazing on the skin. Inside the Bronze Sands Edition the shades are much richer and are meant to be used for tanned skin tones. I have an olive undertone to my complexion and can tan quite easily during  warmer months. I do find these types of palette’s are perfect for travel too and complement your makeup so nicely especially if your in a hot climate. Again no surprises when I swatched these shades, they are just as stunning as ever. Shades from T-B are Barbados, Maldives, Aruba and Bora Bora. I absolutely love this palette and another top tip you can wear these as eyeshadow toppers too…

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighting Palette In Bronze Sands

Do you own anything from Huda? Have you tried any of these products??

 I have also included Hannah Schroder’s video on the Mauve Obsessions Palette. Love Hannah’s youtube channel and she is one of my favourite influencers. I do not own the video nor have I contributed to the making of this video. I am including it as I genuinely enjoy watching her channel, hit the subscribe button if your not already…..