Christmas Memories

Hey lovelies…Thought I would try something a little different for todays #blogmas post 🙂 I absolutely love christmas time and the one thing I cherish the most from the holiday season has to be what we did at that time. As you can tell by the title of this post I want to share some memories with you guys of past christmas times…enjoy xo

More than a few years ago I made a bucket list of places I wanted to go at christmas time. I love this time of the year it’s so magical and for me one thing I love to see are christmas decorations.Besides our local decorations you know the lights and trees the town council put on display every year without fail sorta became predictable. I wanted to see something that little bit extra. I had popped London on my list. I knew London did really pretty decorations at this time of the year and so we visited on a day trip back in christmas time of 2014. We decided to go for the day with one of of our local coach companies, the journey took forever but it was so worth it. Obviously I had never been before so prior to the journey I took a look at what London had to offer. I was interested in all the attractions, restaurants, bars and of course shopping outlets. London also had Winter Wonderland on in Hyde Park and we were so lucky because we got dropped off by the Marble Arch. Hyde Park where Winter Wonderland is held was right by the drop off point. Of course we had to go into Winter Wonderland and took a stroll around the christmas markets. I was in my element, I couldn’t believe how good this event was for christmas. Winter Wonderland also had a bavarian market, a huge christmas tree and a fairground too…

Prior to the visit I also made a list of shops I wanted to go in to do some christmas shopping. Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis and Debenhams made the list but the shop I was most interested in seeing was Victorias Secret. I’m a huge fan of their fragrances and googled where the store was ready for our arrival. When we got there I took a quick look on my phone and had no clue where to go. We knew we wanted to head to Harrods to take a look at their shop windows. Harrods are known for their christmas window displays  and they were amazing guys!! Because we were not sure on how and where the tubes ran too we walked from the Marble Arch to Knightsbridge. We took a look in Harrods and I was amazed. This was my first visit to the store and I couldn’t believe how pretty it was.  We couldn’t find Victorias Secret until we started heading back towards Oxford Street. On our way back we came upon the British Embassy offices.  Their decorations outside were gorgeous, they had a garland of baubles attached to the railings as well as white sparkly reindeers/stags stood outside the entrance. I knew I had to get a photo and as you can see the photo above is what we took 😉 We also got a quick snap of a christmas display at Harrods…photo below…

Harrods Christmas Window Display -December 2014

London has become tradition for us now. Since that first visit in 2014 we have gone back every year around Christmas time. The memories we have are so magical from spending a full day in Winter Wonderland to visiting the attractions and of course visiting the theatre….

Earlier on in Blogmas I spoke about my favourite Christmas Movies and the movie that inspired one of my christmas wishes. As a child I sat and watched Miracle on 34th Street a dozen times. The dream of visiting New York actually happened in December of 2013. I had spoke about it with some friends earlier on that year and we decided to have a mini city break to the Big Apple. I had always wanted to go at christmas time so we booked our hotel, got our dollars together and flew out to NYC around December 12th I think. It was right before Christmas and yes we had snow, well proper snow in my opinion. In the UK we don’t get a huge amount of snow and to see New York like we did was surreal. The hotel we stayed in was right around the corner from 34th street too, how ironic 🙂 I actually got a picture of the sign that showed you how to get to 34th street, sounds lame I know but seeing it in a movie compared to real’s the little things…

One of the places I wanted to visit whilst we were in New York was Times Square. I had always seen it in movies, on social platforms and the internet. I wanted to see it with snow and of course we did. Times Square is absolutely amazing guys, you definitely have to visit if your ever in NYC. I couldn’t believe how huge the buildings were, the billboards and advertisements were fab. Your probably thinking there just buildings lol but to see a place that’s so iconic ..its unreal…

Times Square New York City -December 2013

I did indeed do a little shopping whilst we were over there. I ended up picking some gifts up from Macy’s, Victorias Secret, Forever 21 and many more. It’s so cheap over in the states that I came back with quite a lot of gifts to be honest.  I must admit we didn’t have to go searching for a lot of these places they were quite close by. Times Square must have been about a ten minute walk from our hotel. We also took some photos out in the snow because this amount of snow to us was crazy. I even damaged a pair of boots I had due to the amount of snow that can probably picture what I mean. We were so happy to see snow but not so happy with the temperature. When we arrived the temperature drop hit us straight away. I was walking round holding my hood so close to my head, it was very very bitter but in the long run worth it to see all the sights…

Park/Walkthrough By Times Square- December 2013

When your in NYC you have to go to the top of The Empire State Building right. Again seeing this in movies is what made me want to go to the top of it. The price of the ticket wasn’t that bad actually. Yes we had to queue for quite a while as you had to go up stairs and lifts from what I can remember. You had an option of paying to go to the 82nd floor or you could go higher. We opted to go to the 82nd floor and when we got to the top it was so so cold. You could either stay indoors or walk around the outside. I just couldn’t believe how high up we were and the view was absolutely incredible. You could see the whole city from where we were stood. Of course I got quite a few pictures. I absolutely loved visiting The Empire State, I highly recommend this if you in NYC guys..

Ground Level -The Empire State Building December 2013 (Myself and a friend)

View From The 82nd Floor Of The Empire State Building- December 2013

On The 82nd Floor Of The Empire State Building- December 2013 

Of course we visited other attractions and took a walk through through Central Park. OMG Central Park is so so pretty during the Winter. It’s absolutely huge as well, they have little stalls and an ice rink too. I wanted to visit Madame Tussaud’s too as I love this attraction. We didn’t queue for long and seen some iconic stars..obviously their waxworks. We got lots of pictures in there too and one of my favourite ones was the one below….

Madame Tussauds New York- December 2013

We had an absolute blast in New York and it has to be one of my favourite Christmas Memories. I decided to feature it more in this post as I have always wanted to share the trip we had. Blogmas was perfect for me to do that. I hope you have enjoyed reading through some of my memories and if you have never been to London or NYC get them both on your list. I highly recommend them both….

What are your favourite Christmas Memories??

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