Christmas Candles

Hey lovelies…hope your getting excited for Christmas as much as me!! One of my biggest loves in general has to be candles. I have so many throughout the year so when Christmas finally arrives I can burn the winter scents. One of my favourite candle brands has to be Yankee candle, the variety of fragrances they have is amazing….

One of my favourites from their christmas range has to be Christmas Cookie. I adore this scent it smells like just like christmas. You know when you take the biscuits or cakes out of the oven and you get that freshly baked smell, this is that in a candle!! It’s a little stronger in scent when you compare it to Snowflake cookie. Snowflake Cookie is a little sweeter. I adore that one too but I don’t have it this year yet..anybody want to treat me to that one please….:) Trust me, you have to pick up either of those if you haven’t already. You can purchase Christmas cookie in a wax melt, in a tealight, in a votive, in its smaller jar, medium size jar and lastly the large jar…

I also adoreMacaron Treats from Yankee Candle too. This fragrance is amazing and I must have had at least two large jars of this over christmas last year. I went through them pretty quickly to be honest. Macaron Treats smells like vanilla, cookie and almonds. Again another scent that reminds me of baking..

One from this year that I have been currently loving is the NEW Crackling Woodfire Fragrance. I smelt this in store and knew I had to get one. I picked this up in November thinking it was released for Bonfire Night. You can actually burn this during the winter too. I actually have it burning now too hence why it’s not in the photo guys 🙂 Crackling Woodfire is infused with Nutmeg, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Cedarwood,Smoky and Incense. Now christmas doesn’t come much better than that right…I absolutely love this scent guys 🙂

One that I smell every time I see it in store is the Cranberry Ice Yankee Candle. I love sweet berry scents and funnily enough I have not picked it up yet. Probably due to the huge amount of candles I already have waiting to be burned. This one has orange, tangerine, red fruits, plum, cranberry, cherry and vanilla inside. It smells absolutely gorgeous and really want to get my hands on one for this christmas 🙂

Lastly whilst this post has been dedicated to Yankee Candle I wanted to talk about the new Zoella christmas candles that have been released for holidays 2017. I loved these as soon as I saw them. I know Zoella already has candles in her lifestyle range but these ones look so much more appealing to the eye. The design of them is so nice and you can see the attention to detail. I believe the one I have in the photo smells just like the gingerbread range from last years christmas line. I love the packaging of the candles too, when you open them up there’s a picture inside. This candle is called Festive Cookie and it smells divine, just smells like baking to me. I also picked up another one of these as I loved it that much….

So there you have it, these are the candles that I love or loving at the moment for Christmas time. What are your favourite’s? Are there any you recommend….

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