CharlotteTilbury Hot Lips Lipstick: Review and swatch

Hello!! Hope you are all really well and welcome to my first post on the blog!! Who would have guessed that my first post would of course be about acharlotte tilbury product 🙂 My love for charlotte tilbury started last summer when of course her lovely packaging won me over!! The rose gold design is of course so pretty, elegant and screams “goddess”. With summer just around the corner every girl is going to want to look their best and of course a bright lip is always at the top of your list. Combined with some bronze and gold shades Charlotte’s hot lips lipsticks are an accessary to your look!!

Miranda May is a matte revolution lipstick and has been made in collaboration with “Miranda Kerr”. Charlotte states that these lipsticks are enriched with an orchid effect to soften, protect and hydrate for younger healthier looking lips. I love the matte revolution formula as it leaves your lips so soft and buttery without that fast drying effect. The tip of the lipstick is designed like her lip brush so can be applied straight from the bullet 🙂

As stated on Charlotte’s website the colour is “a fresh, pinky coral inspired by the sunsets of malibu and bondi beach”. This is perfect for the summer season so if your jetting off to much warmer climates this is perfect in your suitcase or travel bag!! Recently we explored the neapolitan riveria and i must say that this colour definitely fitted the “golden goddess” look i was aiming for. It makes your lips look fuller and so effortless so combining it with the “Golden Godess” palette is a match made in heaven!!

All of charlotte’s lipsticks are embedded with her signature kiss sign and have her name engraved in the rose gold packaging. For similar shades to Miranda may you can take a look at Sexy Sienna and Coachella Coral these are all gorgeous shades that complement a bronze glowing look. The sexy sienna lipstick is in the matte revolution formula and the coachella coralis in the k.i.s.s.i.n.g. formula.

The swatch shows just how stunning this shade really is, it’s like a standard red mixed with a bit of coral and will definitely complement those “sunset” eyes. I would definitely recommend this product if your looking for a shade that enhances your summer glow. If your jetting off this summer be sure to pop this in your make up bag, for £24.00 it’s a must have item. I adore this shade as it gives you a gorgeous glow without really trying!! Do you have miranda may or any other shade mentioned in this post, how did you find them???

Thank you so much for reading and i will join you on my next post….xoxo

 The above video is from charlotte’s tilbury youtube channel* I have in no way shape or form made this video and it is being used for advertisement purposes only.

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