Charlotte Tilbury | Lipsticks For Autumn/Fall

Lipsticks for the Autumn Season

I love it when Autumn comes around and you can start being more bold with your makeup especially with lipsticks. I absolutely love wearing a much more “statement’ lip at this time of year especially those plum, berry and red shades. I would have to say my favourite lipsticks in my makeup collection are my Charlotte Tilbury ones. I have chosen 5 shades from her line that I  love and think you guys will love too…

Hel’s Bells

Hel’s Bells is described as a deep berry matte lipstick. It has a matte revolution formula and if you look on the website you can see that it’s also described as a magenta mulberry shade. I absolutely love the name of this lipstick as it screams “Halloween” to me too.  Hel’s Bells is part of Charlotte’s Hot Lips range and was influenced by Helena Bonham Carter, one of my favourite actresses. Charlotte’s matte formula is one of my favourites, there’s just something about how comfortable it is on the lips, the pigmentation is amazing too and that’s in just one application. Her matte revolution lipsticks also have Charlotte’s iconic lip print embossed on the bullet too. Hel’s Bells retails for £24.00 

Opium Noir

Opium Noir is described as a dark berry crimson matte lipsticks. Again it’s a matte revolution lipstick except this one doesn’t have the lip print on the lipstick. I got this one when it was released a couple of Christmas’s ago.  I believe this lipstick was inspired by the Film Noir Era and the lipstick came in such pretty packaging too. When you opened the box it looked like a hollywood mirror with lights and funnily enough I have the packaging still. Opium Noir has to be one of my favourite lipsticks in my makeup collection. I believe Charlotte released it on her website for a second time. Opium Noir retails for £24.00 but at the moment it’s sold out, I’m not sure if it’s going to be back in stock 

Bond Girl

Bond Girl was the first “darker” lip I bought from Charlotte’s line of lipsticks. Bond Girl is described as a natural berry red matte lipstick. Another one from Charlotte’s matte revolution formula. Charlotte wanted everyone to mimic the look of the bond girls such as Halle Berry and Olga Kurylenko. I wear this shade a lot with the Dolce Vita palette because I think it looks gorgeous with the sultry eye. I wanted to mention quickly that I’m related to a bond girl from the 80’s not that you needed to know but I find it pretty cool. Sian Adey-Jones is my distant cousin and starred in “A View To A Kill” with Roger Moore. Sian played one of The Bond Girls. The movie was screened in 1985 and I wasn’t even born then. Bond Girl retails for £24.00

From T-B the shades are Hel’s Bells, Opium Noir, Bond Girl, Night Crimson and Glastonberry

*Ignore my awful swatches 

Night Crimson

Night Crimson again is another one of my favourites. The title of the lipstick just reminds me of halloween again. Night Crimson is one of Charlotte’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks. It is described as a moisturising plum red lipstick. These lipsticks are designed to give you a ‘kissable” and full lips. I love wearing this shade for date nights too or nights out. Night Crimson to me looks like it has a more terracotta maroon colour to it then a plum red but I suppose it will look different on a lot of different skin tones. Night Crimson retails for £24.00 but it’s currently out of stock…


You know what they say, you save the best until last right! I absolutely adore this shade. It has to be in my top 3 lipsticks Charlotte has created. I always reach for this at this time of year as I know I can pull it off and it will go with most of my eye looks. Glastonberry is described as a muted purple berry matte lipstick, again part of the matte revolution range. Glastonberry is inspired by the iconic “Glastonbury” festival that’s held every year in the UK. You can create rock chick looks or even grungy look with this lipstick. I love wearing this with a gold eye, take her eyes to mesmerise in bette and add the pop shade from the vintage vamp/dolce vita palette on top and there you have a glittering gorgeous eye! Glastonberry retails for £24.00 and I highly recommend picking one up if you haven’t already..

What are your favourite lipsticks during this season?

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