Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencils

Last time we visited London I was fortunate enough to visit one of the Charlotte Tilbury stores . This store was her new store in the Westfield Shopping mall. I always wanted to go to the Covent Garden store(still need to yet!!) but we didn’t get enough time to fit it in our busy schedule. The new Westfield Store had opened just before Christmas and it was like something out of a movie. OMG the store is so luxurious…rose gold and copper themed. I was in my element here, too much to choose from especially when half of your make up is by Charlotte Tilbury….

It’s like rose gold heaven…PURE PERFECTION. The store is just beautiful and I would definitely recommend a visit if your in London. Charlotte Tilbury had also brought a perfume out with her brand and Kate moss had been the face for ‘scent of a dream”. Kate’s picture was right outside and just drawn me to the store instantly!!

During my little mini haul I picked some of the colour chameleon eyeshadow pencils, mostly nude colours. I also have the other shades too but wanted to focus this post mainly on the nude shades, perfect for spring and summer. The shades I purchased were ChampayneDiamonds, Bronzed Garnet, Amber Haze and Golden Quartz. They retail for £19.00. Charlotte Tilbury advertises these pencils as colour morphing pencil for each type of eye colour. I have Blue eyes and love all these shades on my eye lids. The one I wear the most out of all four shades has to be Bronzed Garnet. Bronzed Garnet is designed for green eyes but under my bottom lashes this colour is stunning and great for making blue eyes POP…. just couldn’t resist bronze/golden shades..

From top to bottom the shades are Bronzed Garnet, Amber Haze, Champayne Diamonds and Golden Quartz

Out of all the make up I own Charlotte Tilbury has to be my favourite. These eyeshadow pencils are perfect for make up on the go. I have been loving products like this as well as Charlotte’s eyes to mesmerise cream shadows. I have found these eyeshadow pencils are very long wearing and the colour choices are beautiful. I also find purple shades which she has in Amethyst Aphrodisiac and Dark pearl work really well with blue eyes. I love wearing them under the bottom lash line to enhance the eye colour you have on your lid. They are definitely a product that’s easy to use and when I tried them I found them very quick-drying.  I don’t mind this especially if you only have such a short time before leaving the house. Charlotte’s website states that these  pencils are infused with synthetic sapphire, a mineral gemstone with natural soft focus powers, for a perfect smooth finish…

If your looking to splurge a little on an eyeshadow pencil I would say these are a match made in heaven. They are perfect for everyday wear even perfect for evening wear. Once applied they look very effortless, it looks like you have spent all night doing your make up when in reality it took five minutes. Bronzed Garnet is a shade I would definitely recommend the most..with summer coming up it will look STUNNING…

I know Charlotte Tilbury always says “give a woman the right make up and she can conquer the world’. I very much believe that quote. Ever since i discovered her products I have not looked back. Her products make me feel confident, airbrushed and beautiful. If you have never tried anything from her brand try these, they will change your life…

I’m not saying you should wear make up, or that it should make you feel any different, everyone has their own choices in this world. There is beauty in everything and there is beauty in YOU…

Thanks for reading

Leighanne xoxo

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