Bedroom Chic: My current style

How my personality reflects my decor….

Everyone loves to revamp their home and add finishing touches to it. No matter what time of the year it is as the old saying goes “it’s time for a spring clean” i love to design my own space, the space i feel comfortable in and can relax after a long day’s work. For me the room I feel most comfortable in is the bedroom. It allows me to unwind, watch a movie, listen to some music and collect my thoughts(gosh I sound old before my time lol, trust me I’m not though). so when it came to decorating it and making it feel more homey and “me” i decided to go with using a colour scheme. This colour scheme is very me, i have always loved the colour purple so anything lilac and mauve interest me too. if I could style the whole house in lilac that’s me happy but of course iIm not going to, just the bedroom lol. I decided to go for a more elegant and sophisticated look as the screen sirens from the 60’s era inspired me so much. Icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bardot were all beautiful women yet confident at the same time. I wanted girly decor but interior that screamed goddess too just like those actresses. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was just perfection, she paved the way for more females to believe in themselves and go after their dreams. This is why i have those cushions in the below image(also has an obsession to cushions!!), even though they are no longer with us their legacy lives on and continues to inspire people of all nationalities and ages….

The bed linen I got was from the Kylie Mingoue “kylie at home” collection. The bed linen is stunning and it is like silk with lace and sequins attached, very elegant in my opinion. You can take a look at kylie’s collection in the above link, all of her products are stunning.

Situated around the bedroom I have some beautiful decorative accessories that also reflect my personality, I have a huge passion for going after your dreams so picked up this wall plaque from matalan. Don’t think they actually have it anymore but you can get similar accessories like this from places such as primark, home bargains, b and m bargains, homesense etc; You can get a similar plaque from not on the high street website for around £7 i think, take a look 🙂

Who loves Christmas!!??? I know I do so when I saw these in b and m bargains I couldn’t resist. I actually wanted to put some christmas decorations in my room for christmas 2016 so making sure it matched my colour scheme was the most important. I went for a silver theme to match my bed linen and walls. These were so bright yet very glittery(cringe i know lol) but I love anything sparkly lol and it matched the time of the year. In saying that when christmas was over I decided to keep them up, they cost around £4 I think which is not bad when it comes to home decor. i must have done a good job pinning them up because they are still attached to the wall lol 😉

When it comes to furniture I went for all white to match the colours I have which is grey, lilac, white and black. It may sound crazy but these colours actually go really well together. Before the cabinets I had were so old and tatty and it just didn’t match my decor so i decided to do a little bit of diy and put some furniture together myself. After hours of making sure I read the instructions, put all the tools together and put them up it looked FAB!! I was quite pleased with myself. It makes the bedroom look a lot more modern and a lot brighter. I picked up my bedroom cabinets from argos pretty basic furniture but it looks so stylish. They are still up so I must have done something right!! I then decided to pick up a new lamp and some candle holders just to add a bit more of a finishing touch to it. The lamp I actually love and it does look quite expensive but I picked it up from studio an online website that sells products at cheaper prices, trust me if you have never heard of studio google it.There a manchester based firm and a lot of their products are so lovely 🙂 Obviously a christmas yankee candle comes in handy during april!! Lol..casually using up my winter scents…

For the beauty lovers reading this I lusted after getting a new set up in the bedroom. It is such a small space that having a huge vanity area and dressing table would not be appropriate so I got some drawers that were part of the bedside cabinet collection. They contain 5 drawers and have enough space for my beauty and skincare products. On the top of those drawers I put together a display highlighting some of my favourite products, of course this is charlotte tilbury. I have some brushes on display as well as some skincare items and perfumes.The large item on display is the world of legendary parties advent calendar. This was released for christmas 2016 so when my partner surprised me for our anniversary a month before christmas I was so shocked yet happy to have it!! It is such a divine product that it is still available now so why not treat yourself take a look over at charlotte’s website NOW!! You won’t be disappointed….

Lastly I have a canvas above my bed which is of a ballet dancer. The colour matches the bedroom so well 🙂 Why a ballet dancer must you ask?? To be honest I don’t really know lol…I have always took a keen interest in the world of ballet. As a kid I did gymnastics in school and always adored the idea of attending ballet school, obviously that didn’t happen lol. Anything theatrical like swan lake and the nutcracker fascinates and amazes me so much, it’s very elegant and I love that about it!! I watch a lot of productions like this over winter and the christmas period, it’s not christmas without a ballet!! It makes me feel so relaxed and sometimes it often makes me wonder if only the  world was a lot more calmer (just like a ballerina gliding along the stage) everything would just be PERFECT! I think i actually picked this canvas up from home bargains, there are so many canvases like this out now that my wall could do with another treat. of course I also have ballerina statue’s that are pretty much holding up my jewellery right now…

I’m going to end it here as l could talk about ballet all day, a film I watched many years ago that is more contemporary ballet and a feel good movie is centre stage. It focuses on a young girl’s dream to be the best dancer she can be, it’s also a musical so I’m sure the music will get you singing along!! 🙂 The below video is part of the movie, the end I think and it finishes the movie off quite nicely. I became attached to this flick so much that it was all I would watch for some time……enjoy the clip and see you in my next


Leighanne xoxo