Becca complexion and radiance 5 piece set

Hello lovelies!! Hope your all well and had an amazing start to your week!! I really wanted to point out that the #onelovemanchester tribute on sunday evening was absolutely amazing thanks to the fab ariana grande, her team and all the other artists who contributed to the show!! I have such HUGE respect for ariana right now for how she’s been so brave and dedicated her time to the families of those who have passed…much love to ariana xx

However I have been wanting to do a first impressions on Becca cosmetics.  I have never tried becca products until quite recently and seen this set on qvc for just under £50. It was actually last month that I picked up this set but forgot I had it  with other new products I wanted to try.  At the moment you can still get this set and I think it’s retailing for £69.00 or you can pay in instalments. QVC are offering these items to customers for three easy pays of £23.00. Absolutely amazing for 5 products!! The brand is actually quite well known and when I think of Becca I think of the infamous “champagne pop” highlighter that Jaclyn Hill collaborated on with them. To be honest I have had my eye on the pressed version of this highlighter for quite some time but at £30 plus I couldn’t justify the price just for one product(especially if I have never tried their products before). When I stumbled onto this 5 piece set on qvc I saw that it had the slimlight version of champagne pop and knew I had to get it, this was more an impulse buy I think…Becca cosmetics is actually brand of the month over on cult beauty at the moment if you want to take a look..

In this set you get 5 items from Becca all full size products too.  I have always wanted to try the becca complexion creme too so this set was perfect for me.  You can choose your preferred shade in this product on qvc, I picked up the shade nude which is about right for my skin tone. The shades range from cashmere to tobacco.  I’m sure that this foundation is at least £34 or something like that just on it’s own so this deal is pretty amazing. When it comes to foundations I’m sometimes put off by a high price but again you pay a high price you will expect high quality. When I swatched this I found it be quite full coverage which is what I look for in a foundation. I actually went on youtube watching foundation review videos and came across ellenfrances review on this product, I was hooked on purchasing it after her review…:) Ellen’s review on the ultimate coverage complexion creme is on you tube now…

Next on my wishlist was the becca backlight priming filter. After all the reviews I’ve seen on this its very much lived up to its hype and I can honestly say most you tubers rave about this!!. Again another item included in this five piece set. So fab that you get a full size product that’s worth at least £32 🙂 Becca say that this is more than just a primer, it’s the secret behind the becca iconic glow. The primer is infused with luminescent pearls that each add a diffused light. As they are blended together they create a canvas perfect for your makeup look. I love glowing and radiant looks so any products that give me luminosity i’m game for!! I cannot wait to try this underneath this foundation…

In this set you also get the becca under eye brightening corrector. I love products that brighten under the eye as I suffer with eye bags ,have done for years, it’s the effect of working late nights and early mornings. Any product that claims to brighten the under eye area is a winner for me. I have to look more awake than I actually am so can’t wait to put this to the test. Becca says this product is infused with ultra-fine light-reflecting illuminators, which will not settle into fine lines or winkles and gives  smooth coverage. We will see as I struggle to find a suitable concealer/corrector for under my eyes…

The two products that appealed to me the most was the jaclyn hill slimlight highlighter and the shimmering skin perfector in opal.  I am such a HUGE fan when it comes to highlighters so jaclyn’s collab with Becca suits me down to a t. I love how companies are bringing out highlighters in different forms like pencils and creams/liquids 🙂 I feel like highlighters are getting a lot of love in the beauty community at the moment as everyone seems to go crazy for that intense highlight.  I like an blinding highlight but I also like a subtle highlight depending on the makeup look I choose. 

I know Becca cosmetics have announced that they have recreated the packaging on the iconic champagne pop highlight. The product now has a champagne bottle embossed in it. Becca as said this will be a collectors edition. Exclusive to SEPHORA it will be available online on the 10th of June. Im hoping to pick up one too, this highlighter looks so chic with the bubbly bottle on it so looks like it’s a online spree on the sephora website soon!! 

The image below is owned by Becca cosmetics and is on their instagram account..all credit for the image below goes to them…:) 

So obviously next I had to swatch these products so below are the first swatches after one swipe only. To be honest I am actually quite impressed with the results so can’t wait to try these items out, I’m really looking forward to the primer and the highlighters..

Ok so from the left to the right the swatches are the Becca complexion creme in nude, the backlight priming filter, the slimlight highlighter in champagne pop, the shimmering skin perfector in opal and lastly the eye brightening corrector…

I think i may have to try some more Becca cosmetics soon, are there are any products you have tried from Becca?? What would you recommend??

Thanks so much for reading



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