Beauty Favourites of 2018*

Beauty Favourites of 2018

I can’t believe another year has flown by and I’m back at my annual beauty favourites post! When I look back at the post I did in 2017 not much has changed with the products I use. There’s a mix of makeup and skincare in todays post. It was VERY hard for me to narrow it down but decided that these deserve to be the best of the year for me. Keep reading to see what I loved in 2018!


When it comes to my base everyone knows it has to be something from Charlotte Tilbury. I absolutely fell in love with the Flawless Filter as soon as I tried it. Charlotte said you could use this in 3 ways, alone, as a primer and mixed in with your foundation and even for highlight. I have the shade 3 which is perfect for my magic foundation in 5. I am a huge lover of Wonderglow but think this one tops the glow by far! Highly recommended if your looking for a product to brighten your skin tone!

Another product that I loved from Charlotte Tilbury was the Magic Powder*. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the product in this photo because I had already used it up and got rid of the packaging( lol!). I get the FAIR shade and it’s perfect with my foundation. This powder is absolutely amazing, makes your skin look airbrushed, you have to try it to see what I mean. I have never tried a powder like it, it’s even better than the Laura Mercier one in my opinion!

For foundation I could have easily spoken about Charlotte’s magic foundation but everyone knows I love that anyway! This year I started using drugstore foundations more and one I’ve been loving is the Maybelline Superstay 24H Foundation in Nude Beige. I love full coverage and this is exactly what it says it is! You don’t need to apply that much either, one pump would cover half the face. If you have redness, pores and prone to blackheads and spots this foundation will cover everything, I mean EVERYTHING! It’s also perfect for all skin types too…

When it comes to powder there’s only one I can recommend as the BEST powder no matter what year it is, that’s Charlotte’s Airbrush Micro Powder! On off duty days this is the powder I use, yes it’s expensive but it looks amazing on the skin. I get the shade Medium 2 and use it in conjunction with the magic powder too! I have used this powder for years, it’s so finely milled too and application is just heaven!

For highlight one of my most favourites from 2018 is the Glow Y Gossamer Duos* from Pixi Beauty! I am so thankful that Pixi now send me their PR and I get so overwhelmed by it all! Something I never thought would happen when I started my blog! In these duos you get 2 shades, delicate dew and subtle sunrise. I absolutely fell in love with both, it doesn’t enhance any texture on your face wither, there stunning as highlighters, on the lid, for the brow bone and the cupids bow, one word STUNNING! I highly recommend these if your looking for affordable makeup but can’t quite stretch to a high end price mark!

Another favourite from Pixi was their Liquid Fairy Lights*! Pixi kindly sent over all the shades in this range. One that appealed to me the most was the shade Bare brilliance, it’s such a stunning copper shade and looks gorgeous on the eye! If you want that pop of colour these are amazing! I tend to wear these over a matte shadow..

For lips I either go for a nude or a berry shade! I’m such a lip junkie that my lip drawer is extremely full! However I always reach for the same products I know and love the most. For a nude shade I always choose Raquel by Nars. This is a shade I have repurchased many times and is rom their audacious lipstick range. In my opinion this is the perfect everyday nude! I fell in love with it when I saw it on @amelialottie Instagram feed. Amelia started my love for Nars lipsticks! 🙂 I always wear this lipstick with the lip liner called Charm by Kylie Cosmetics! Another favourite from 2018!

For 2018’s berry shade I wanted to talk about the shade everyone knows I love from CT but decided to go with something new! This year I reached for the Cherry shade from the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection! OMG this shade is so so gorgeous and looks stunning with a gold eye! I’m a sucker for berry shades but this one is stunning! I absolutely adore the packaging too, the little cherry on the lipstick is just the cutest!

Lastly in my makeup favourites for 2018 is an eyeshadow palette. It wouldn’t be a favourites post without some eyeshadow right! Out of all the palette’s I purchased this year it was so hard for me to choose just one! I could have talked about several (I recently asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted me to put together  a post of eyeshadow palette favourites so let me know if you do in the comments!) products but narrowed it down to this one! The Naked Cherry eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay just stole my heart! It’s me in a palette, the mauve tones are right up my street! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it! The shadows on the eyes blend together perfectly and one of my favourite shades ‘Young Love’ just looks dreamy on the eye. I absolutely love shimmer shadows and when there pinks and purples I’m sold! One of the better palette’s from UD!


This was very hard for me to decided which fragrance I loved from 2018, I could have easily talked about so many! I decided to add just two, drugstore and high end. One fragrance I loved from Zoella this year was the Cosmos Body Mist! I always look forward to new releases from Zoe and this one didn’t disappoint! If your a lover of vanilla and peppermint this one if for you (If you haven’t got it already that is!). It’s affordable, it’s perfect for everyone and I loved the design for the 2018 christmas collection (didn’t think I would at first!)

One fragrance that topped everything this year was the Pomegranate Noir cologne from Jo Malone! I got this for christmas! I always went into the store to try it out and fell in love with it! I didn’t think I would be opening it christmas day though, finally! I use it very sparingly knowing how expensive it is! My obsession with Jo Malone has started so stick around for that!…


You have to talk about skincare in a favourites post right! I am a huge lover of trying out different skincare as my skin changes from oily to combo to dry etc Here’s a quick rundown of some skincare goodies I’ve loved in 2018…

One cleanser I have always loved and discovered in a beauty box is the Silk Cleanser by Gatineau. I can’t explain what it is but this cleanser is so dreamy for the skin. It’s high end and the quality of it matches it’s price tag. I have adored the brand Gatineau ever since I discovered it all those years ago! The name is exactly what’s in the product, you can definitely pick up the silk inside as it just softens the skin, I swear once you start using this you’ll have baby soft skin again!

Another skincare favourite has to be the Wild Rose Cream* from Korres! Korres are a brand I discovered through some PR that was sent to me! It is a moisturiser and brightener all in one, it has a very subtle scent to it which I like! What I have noticed is how PERFECTit is for my skin type, I go between oily and combo a lot and this helps to tackle the oiliness in my skin! A definite favourite!

I absolutely love toners in my skincare routine. I’ve used so many different ones but a favourite from  the past year has to be the Rose Tonic* from Pixi Beauty! Pixi kindly sent this over and I have not seen any faults with it! It’s scent is rose which is a winner in my eyes! I love rose products if you have not already noticed! Pixi’s toners are just so refreshing on the skin and I’ve been going through them like there’s not tomorrow! Ideal for calming redness too so if you suffer with that try out this toner for sure!

From rice scrubs, shower gels and body lotions Rituals have been a brand I have loved more so in 2018! I discovered Rituals back in 2017 when I received a product from them in a beauty bag I got so long ago. I popped in store and fell in love with the Rituals Of Sakura scent. If you love the cherry fragrance this collection is ideal for you! I am absolutely in love with it and got some Rituals goodies for christmas so will be using this sparingly too. One of my favourite cherry products is the Rituals Of Sakura shower gel (even though I hate showers and use it in the bath instead!)

Lastly for skincare a brand that reached out to me in 2018 was Dermalogica*! I’m like WHAT! How is this even real?? I had heard so many good things about this brand and definitely had them on my wish list! Who knew I would become part of their Skinfluencer program, it’s just crazy! I’ve been testing out their products recently too but you’ll have to wait for my post on that to see what I think!

Trialling the pre cleanse, skin smoothing cream and special cleansing gel will be spoken about in a coming soon post, just so I don’t give too much away lol! There a definite favourite though!

I could have easily spoken about so many more products but these are the ones I’ve reached for the most, some of them may not necessarily be new in the beauty community but some have been new to me. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading through some of my favourites! What have you loved in 2018, did you discover anything new or still use old favourites?

**Posts with an asterisk in the title means its a ad gifted/gifted post.