Autumn Date Night Makeup

Hey lovelies..Feels like forever since I did my last blog post which was around four or five days ago I think. My work pattern is so crazy I can work so many shifts in a row and have so many days off. Besides work I love going through my makeup collection during the week and pick some products for my date night makeup. I love going on date nights throughout the week it just breaks up your working week in my opinion. I love going out for meals(my fave) or during the autumn and winter season I love going to the theatre and can’t wait to start seeing productions again. I have decided to show you guys some items I have been loving on recent date nights….enjoy xo

Tanya Burr Selfie Lash Mascara

I am absolutely in love with this product. I won Tanya Burr’s new mascara in her Tanya Burr Cosmetics Instagram competition recently. I decided to enter and luckily I was one of the 250 competition winners. Since I got this mascara I cannot put it down I’m in love. I am so proud of how far Tanya has come with her cosmetics line and to release a mascara is amazing. I love mascara and until you have tried this one you won’t know amazing it is. It lifts and volumes your lashes with just one coat. I put about 2 to 3 layers on and your lashes look fab. You can pick up Tanya’s new mascara “Selfie Lash” from Superdrug stores now for £7.99 🙂 

Dose of Colors Highlighter

When I purchased this highlighter in the shade “Mirame” I knew I wanted to try it as soon as I saw Desi Perkins and Katy Lustre Lux announce their collaboration with a brand. The highlighter is one of two you can pick up in the collection. The shade Mirame” appealed more to me as it’s so much darker than your average champagne gold. It has like a bronze tint to it but on the website it’s described as a rose gold. The highlighter retailed for $28.00 but is out of stock at the moment. I absolutely love this shade, it swatches so beautifully and it looks gorgeous on the skin. I like pairing it with a gold eye. The quality of it is superb and Desi and Katy did a good job on their collection with Anna Petrosian 🙂

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick In Opium Noir

I am in love with the quality, shades, presentation and comfort of Charlotte’s lipsticks. When I go out on a date night during this time of the year I like to wear a much more bolder lip. I love deep berry shades and this one looks stunning on. I love wearing it with a gold, bronze or copper eye look. I believe this shade came in one of my gift sets from christmas last year. I couldn’t find it on her site but if you look around you may be able to still pick it up. Charlotte’s lipsticks retail for £24.00 guys…

Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio Eyeshadow Palette

You gotta save the best until last right. I absolutely love eyeshadow palette’s there my guilty pleasure. Nicol Concilio is a youtuber who collobrated with the brand violet Voss on her palette. The quality of this eyeshadow palette is fantastic!! This is my first Violet Voss eyeshadow palette and I’m so impressed with it. If you read my post on this palette here you will know that when I received it it came with a broken mirror so it was sent back and replaced. I was dying to swatch the one with the broken mirror but resisted the temptation until the new one arrived. When I did swatch it I was in love. The shades and the pigmentation are stunning you guys. They go on like butter and feel so creamy to the touch. This is one of my favourite palette’s in my collection by far. I think Nicol did a really good job on this palette. The third row of colours are gorgeous on the lids.  I believe this is out of stock on the Violet Voss website however I picked mine up from cult beauty for £43.00 🙂 

I love playing around with different products. What products do you use for date nights?

Thank you so much for reading xo

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