Get To Know Me

Hello Beauties!…

I’m Leighanne, welcome to my pretty in pink online fairytale!

I’m a UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger with a love for everything blush pink, whimsical, fairytale-like, unicorn/mermaid and Parisian vibes! My Instagram plays a HUGE part in my love for pink and beauty! I absolutely love my theme on Insta right now so wanted to update my little space on the internet and turn it into a pretty in pink fairytale! I hope my blog takes you off somewhere magical, pink and in a huge enchanted castle somewhere in the clouds! I wanted to share my love of all things girly here on the blog..xo



My Fairytale World! 

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Hope you enjoy my online fairytale and hope it inspires you to spread positivity, love and joy into hearts all around you, stay peaceful, stay calm and release your inner princess!