ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

Hey lovelies…hope your well!! 🙂 I have had this palette for quite some time now and if you follow me on instagram you will remember me posting a photo of this palette the day it arrived. I was too excited to show you guys and hadn’t swatched it at the time. With the NEW release of Anastasia Beverley Hills’ subculture palette(currently on my wishlist) I decided to put up this post for those of you that wish to see more about its sister palette the “modern renaissance” palette 🙂 The modern renaissance palette was released in summer of 2016 and is definitely a holy grail palette for me. It has been seen all over the likes of instagram, twitter, pinterest and of course across influencer channels on youtube. This palette of course is a very popular product and is also part of Anastasia’s permanent line. I got mine from cult beauty for £41.00 and that was before ABH became available on the UK site(that is now live online here). I seen this palette for the first time on youtube when I was looking at comparison swatches between the violet voss holy grail palette and this one. A lot of influencers have both palettes but as a recommendation to viewers they say to pick up the ABH one. So that’s what I did and I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation of these shadows.  Online its different watching someone else doing swatches and so when you do them yourself you can see what there actually like. There is fall out on some I must say but I’ve always said those shadows with pigmentation are going to have fall out just pick up the colour lightly when you go and apply it to the eyes….

The Modern Renaissance Palette is a beautiful palette.  It comes embossed in a greyish mauve case and has the name modern renaissance on the front with the ABH logo below it. The actual palette has a velvet feel to it and is a disadvantage if you get eyeshadow everywhere. Im pretty much ocd and so far so good I haven’t got any shadow on the case or the outer case. I like to keep my palette’s in their original packaging too to protect the product. To me the colours are perfect for autumn and winter but there are no limits on that you can use it all year round too. The palette comes with 14 neutral and berry tones. 11 shadows are matte and 3 are metallic/shimmer shadows. You can use these shadows dry or wet and when swatched dry there really is HUGE colour payoff. I have used two of the shadows wet and these were vermeer and primavera. I applied the colour to my brush first and then spritzed a little mac fix plus onto it for added intensity. You don’t have to use fix plus if you don’t have it you can always use any other setting spray you have to hand. The colours in this palette really are beautiful and I absolutely love having this palette in my collection. The mattes are extremely pigmented and I never used to enjoy matte shadows as much as I do now. I used to put a shimmer on my lid many years ago and that was it. With the amount of palettes there are in the industry now I HIGHLY recommend you purchase this one….ITS A MUST HAVE!!! 🙂

The palette actually comes with double sided brush too. I have never used this brush and do intend too. I actually stick to the same brushes with my shadow application although this brush is of good quality in my opinion. I actually like how the palette comes with not only the brush but a mirror as well so overall for 14 shadows too the £41.00 price tag is amazing!! There must be thousands of you guys that already own this palette, but those of you that don’t I have added two photos below which are swatches of the palette taken with my finger onto dry skin. There were no setting sprays or primers used with the swatches guys…

T-B are the shades Tempera, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze, Love letter and Cyprus Umber

T-B are the shades Raw sienna, Burnt orange, Primavera, Red ochre, Venetian red, Warm taupe and Realgar

Hope you enjoyed reading this post guys, thanks for taking a look, happy sunday…..

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