ABH Holiday 2017:Prism Eyeshadow Palette

Hey lovelies…hope you all had a great start to the week!! I absolutely love this time of the year when brands release their holiday palettes. I have my eye on a few this year but not too many. The one I was most excited for was the brand new Prism Palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills. I believe it released earlier in the states than it did here. I’m pretty sure the release date should have been October 2nd on both the us and uk websites. I was gutted when it wasn’t for sale on that date and waited until the end of October to pick it up 🙂 As you can see I finally got my hands on the palette, to see my first impressions and swatches keep reading, xo

Im a huge fan of holiday palettes and slowly becoming a huge lover of ABH’s products. I own two of her previous palettes already the Modern Renaissance and the Master Palette by Mario 🙂 I absolutely love both of those palettes. The quality of the shadows in both palette’s is amazing.  I did not pick up the infamous subculture palette as I read so many mixed reviews on it, I had to give it a miss sadly.  When this palette was announced I loved how it looked, the colours looked so pretty and I always watch videos on youtube first to see what influencers think of it. The video I loved the most on this palette will be inserted at the end of this post, giving credit to its owner! 

The Prism Palette has 14 shades just like any other ABH eyeshadow palette. The palette comes with mattes, duo chromes and metallic shades. I was drawn to  at least five or more shades in the palette that looked beautiful in swatches. I love metallic shadows and anything duo chrome. These types of shadows are by far my favourite and are perfect for this time of year.  The palette also comes with a double ended brush. Funnily enough I love how ABH’s palette’s come with brushes as a lot of palette’s don’t, plus the quality of the brush is good too for what your paying. I absolutely love ABH’s velvet case on the palette’s it feels so luxurious and looks a lot more costly. I know a lot of people don’t like the velvet case as it can get quite dirty. I don’t have that issue with any of her palettes as I keep a lot of mine in their outer packaging. Im so OCD with my palette’s and like to keep them clean. The palette I believe is limited edition for the holidays 2017 and is available NOW guys…it retails for £43 on the ABH UK website and on other retailers such as Sephora, Beautybay and Cult Beauty 🙂 

When I opened the palette it looked amazing, even better than what I was hoping for. When you see palette’s in videos or pictures you can’t really give your opinion unless you have it in your hands. I am really impressed with this release and I did think to myself do I need to pick up the subculture palette for comparison as there have been a minute percentage of people that liked that one too. The colours in this palette to me look a little random but I think I could make it work. I always think ABH’s colour schemes in palettes have always been like that but somehow when you apply them to your eyes they look good together. I wanted to swatch this palette for you guys so you can see what the shades are like. I used my index finger for better control of the shadow and I never use any primer on my arm or setting sprays. The swatches you see in the images below are my first impressions. I did have to go back into the pans a couple of times to build the colour up. I have not yet used a brush with the shadows but once I try it I will update you guys on my thoughts after use…..

Row 1 of the ABH Prism Palette (From T-B are the shades are Lucid, Eden, Unity, Sphinx, Osiris, Sphere and Obsidian)

I didn’t feel too happy about this row when I was swatching it the first time but when I did at least two to three swatches the colour built up a little. I felt Osiris has to be the best shade in this row but again until I try them on the eyes I will not get an exact colour pay off..

Row 2 of the ABH Prism Palette ( From T-B are the shades Dimension, Parallel, Pyramid, Throne, Saturn, Eternal and Lure

This row has to be my favourite in the palette. I was so impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows. I absolutely love the shades Dimension, Pyramid, Throne and Eternal. I’m a sucker for these type of shades and in person when you see the swatches you would understand what I mean. In photos you can just make out the colour but the pigment when swatched is amazing. Yes there is fall out but there is always fall out with pigmented shadows. In my opinion this has always been the case with those shades that blend well and don’t make you look like a panda after your makeup is done…:) I am excited to use this palette and want to see what the shades look like on the eyes especially the metallics. I may even try a little mac fix plus with them to see how they stand out. Once I have tried the palette I want to put up my thoughts here on the blog so you guys can get a before and after approach…

I wanted to add this youtube video in from one of my favourite beauty influencers on the platform. Kendall Alfred has an amazing channel, her videos are always very thorough and she is such a  lovely girl too. Definitely one to watch if you fancy subscribing to someone new guys….

Video Credit to @Kendall Alfred YT Channel

I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know if you like eyeshadow palette posts. Eyeshadow palette’s are my favourite products in my makeup collection and I love talking about them. Do any of you own the ABH prism palette, will you be picking up for the holiday season? Let me know in the comments….

Thank you so much for reading xo

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