A November To Do List

A November To Do List

Hello November!! Yes I know we’re a week into the month already but life has been just crazy!! I literally feel like I have spent everyday in work and if you follow me on Instagram you will see that most of my captions are work related! November is a bit of hit and miss for me as it’s the month I  love but a month I always hate too…long story! I’ve decided to start this month’s blog posts off with some things I want to do throughout November…

Bonfire Night 

Bonfire Night is an event we always try to attend no matter what, it’s that time after halloween but between christmas that sorta sets the mood for the festive season, do you get what I mean? Bonfire night might well and truly be over however it’s the night we lost my Grandad four years ago so we always say the fireworks are for him!…

Switch Up My Wardrobe

I absolutely love it when autumn and winter come around cos’ I love to be all cosy in knitwear, knee high boots and huggable coats! If I could dress with twenty layers on all year round I would. There’s just something about feeling comfortable and cosy that makes me feel happy, it’s the simple things! I also adore coats at this time of the year too and two I have picked up this season include the Lipsy Premium Bow Detail Parka and the River Island Cream Faux Fur Belted Padded Coat! I just love cream coats with faux fur but also those that have a feminine look too..

Blogmas and Christmas Content

If you seen my christmas content from last year you will have known that I completed blogmas for the first time! If you don’t know what it is it’s when you have a post on your blog everyday in December..all festive related! I absolutely loved doing it and think I missed one post in the whole month, it was so hard fitting it around my full time work but somehow I managed it. I’m also thinking to myself do I have a go of it again this year or just pop content on my blog when I want to?? If you want to see blogmas here on the blog let me know in the comments. I’ve been planning some christmas content too(for Instagram too!) and can’t wait to share it with you…

Planning some more of our London Trip 

We go to London next month and I’m so excited!! Even though we’ve been more than a few times now it’s kind of become tradition to visit our capital every year. Christmas time in London is so magical and I absolutely adore the christmas lights. I pretty much create a itinerary before we go as I like to know what we’re doing each day. On thing I am excited about is going to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for Hogwarts In The Snow! I’ve never been before and can’t wait to see The Great Hall!!…

Reading More….

Even though I blog mainly about beauty I also have another love which is reading! I absolutely loved reading growing up and used to own all the Enid Blyton and the Roald Dahl books! Bit of a book freak if you ask me. Lately I’ve been interested in more YA, Supernatural, Horror, Gothic and Fantasy books. I just love that genre and feel like stories have much more of a mystery to them. There also addictive too…once I read one I need a collection. I’ve been wanting to pick up the Cassandra Clare Mortal Instruments novel set as I love the Shadow Hunters on netflix and wanted to see how the series compares to the books…

Celebrating Our Anniversary 

We can’t be the only ones who celebrate the day we started dating right! I feel like it’s the IN THING right now! You don’t technically have to be engaged or married to celebrate the day you both coupled up lol! We have always celebrated every year since getting together and it just reminds us of the time we met and everything we have experienced together! I know soppy right but but it’s kinda an excuse to buy gifts and go out food and wine haha! Roll on the 16th lol to mark another year off the calendar..

I could go on with more things I want to do this month but I will be here forever! Are there any things you have planned for November, what are you hoping to do?

*Posts with an asterisk in the title means its a gifted post.