A Magical And Cosy Night In

A Magical And Cosy Night In

I’m a huge fan of cosy nights in rather than nights out! There’s just something about being all snug in cosy pjs, blankets, surrounded by candles and of course some magical treats. I’ve put together some magical treats perfect for the release of the new Fantastic Beasts movie this weekend!….

Lush Twilight 

The Twilight bath bomb from Lush has to be one of my favourites at this time of year. How gorgeous does the bath bomb look, it really looks magical with the stars and moons design. Everyone and anyone loves Twilight, it’s lavender and tonka infused and perfect for a nice soak in the bath especially before bedtime..

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty

When I plan a night in I always have to have a face mask to hand. One I’ve been loving again is Mask of Magnaminty. It is fab at exfoliating your skin and keeping those horrible blemishes and spots at bay. It has peppermint inside that will brighten your skin and honey for some extra nourishment! Mask Of Magnaminty is perfect for a pamper at this time of year..

Lush Sleepy

I’ve talked about this product so many times on my blog and socials! You can tell I love it right. Lush Sleepy is “the” body lotion to have especially for cosy nights in. Lush Sleepy is always a favourite over the autumn and winter season. I love applying this after a bubble bath. The lavender, tonka and cocoa butter smell so good and just makes you want to pop on some fleecy pjs and grab a hot chocolate…

Harry Potter 9 and 3/4 Snuggle PJ’s

The main focus of cosy nights in are of course cosy nightwear right! I love my Pj’s and if I could would live in them 24/7 haha! I picked up these fleecy Harry potter Pj’s from primark recently and OMG they are so soft! I love how it has Platform 9 and 3/4 on the front too, perfect for watching the very first HP movie again…

Zoella Hot Chocolate Candle

One think I never forget to do on a cosy night in is of course light some candles. One candle I’ve been loving this season is the NEW Zoella Hot chocolate candle! OMG this candle smells amazing, Zoe has really done well with this scent. I can’t believe how much it smells like actual chocolate, it’s crazy! Zoe’s designs are always so creative and the packaging doesn’t come as no surprise again this year! 

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

I absolutely love this movie, Queenie is one of my favourite characters! I love how this is set before the Harry Potter movies. We watched this movie again recently so we’re prepared for the release of Fantastic Beasts And The Crimes Of Grindlewald! It’s out TODAY and I’m super excited to see the new one!  We’re going to see this weekend too. It’s going to be interesting to see a young Albus Dumbledore and of course Newt and Niffler too!…

Do you have any magical and cosy night in essentials?

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