A Gift From The Gods | Introduction *GIFTED

An Introduction to the brand “A Gift From The Gods”

I absolutely love anything to do with stationary, cosmetics bags and accessories. I was so surprised when an email from Gift from the gods landed in my inbox. They wanted to work with “little old me”. Of course I said yes and then received a gorgeous parcel from them in the mail..

A Gift from the Gods are a fashion and lifestyle brand situated in London. The brand is founded by Jane Reucroft who promoted female dj’s in the 90’s period. Over time her brand has been discovered by busy mum’s, student’s and stationary lovers. You can find out more about about the brand HERE

Tara from the brand allowed me to choose which products I wanted to receive. I think this is such a lovely thing to do, it just says a lot more about the brand themselves. I wanted to try out some of their stationary and cosmetics bags too so I’m going to share below what I received from them…

Hopes Daily Planner Journal- Of course I had to choose something “pink”. This journal is a pale pink  colour with a gold heart on the front. It’s A5 in size and is part of the Calligraphy  and Hearts collection. I absolutely love this product, it’s perfect for planning out your week and I’m going to use this when my current diary is full. Take a look at it HERE loves…

A Gift From The Gods Notebook- I love using notebooks to jot and brainstorm ideas for my blog. Again this one is in a pale pink colour too with the brand name in gold. How gorgeous is their logo though?? This is also an A5 product and is part of the Calligraphy and Hearts design. You can find this notebook HERE

A Gift From The Gods A6 notebook- This is a small sized notebook with a hot pink design on the front. These notebooks come in handy for travel. I like to carry a notebook around with me because you never know when you will feel inspired. I like to make notes of anything throughout the day that may inspire me to write. Pick one of these up HERE

  A Gift From The Gods” A6 notebook 2- This one is an hot pink notebook with a gold foil slogan design. This one is stunning, the hot pink looks lovely with gold lettering. Take a look at how gorgeous this one is HERE

All of their notebooks came beautifully packaged and protected too so there’s no need to worry about them getting damaged in the mail. All of them are secured in branded wrap when you receive them too..

A Gift From The Gods also have jewellery on their website. They currently have 12 products on their jewellery section, mostly bracelets. I was also able to choose one of these lovely pieces too. I mean how generous is this brand?? You can take a look at their jewellery section HERE

Double Layer Chain Bracelet- This is gorgeous and would make the perfect gift for someone.  I love charm bracelets and this one has a heart, star, ball and logo charms on it. It’s a beautiful accessory to your outfit of the day. See this bracelet HERE loves..

The brand also has a mixture of travel and makeup bags on their website too. I believe there are currently 12 designs on their at the moment. I received one of the pink ones obviously and I’m in love..

A Gift From The Gods square makeup bag- This one has a pink and gold heart design. You can use this travelling or have it at home to store your everyday makeup. This can also be used as wash bag too. It’s a pvc design and arrives flat packed for added protection.  I’m definitely going to be using this more loves…I highly recommend this one HERE..

Have you discovered A Gift From The Gods?? What do you love most about the brand??