A Festive/Christmassy To Do List

Hey lovelies…You must well be into feeling festive now!! Happy December 4th guys 🙂 The first week of December is almost over and I think this is when everyone starts thinking more about Christmas and what they would like to do before the big day arrives. Everyone starts to panic and seeing as it’s only a few weeks until Christmas time I thought it would be good to list some ideas if your looking to attend some events, stock up on your christmas food and even last minute shopping….xo

1. Visit Christmas Markets

2. Pick up some mince pies and wine, catch up with family around a log fire

3. Definitely stock up on the christmas Pj,s, nighties, robes, socks and even briefs lol

4. Pop the radio on, usually we listen to heart fm or capital

5. By now everyone must have their christmas tee up right!! If not head to a nursery, there are some lovely garden centres..these usually have the best christmas decorations. Here in North Wales we visit Jacksons gardens..it’s so gorgeous. They do really go all out..

6. Do some christmas baking, definitely homemade mince pies oh and gingerbread men…

7. Pick Tanya Burr’s “Tanya’s Christmas” book it got lots of ideas for the festive season and even recipes too…

8. Have a movie marathon and bring treats too

9. Stock up on this years Lush christmas products

10. Visit The Body Shop and buy some of their seasonal scents…frosted berries is one of my faves

11. Do some christmas wrapping surrounded by Lindt teddy chocolates oh all I want for christmas is you on the music channel..

12. I think I can tick this one off already. Visit London…it’s amazing at christmas time. It’s definitely become tradition for us to visit London every year..

13. Visit winter wonderland too, you can’t beat it. I would say it’s the best christmas event in the UK

14. Pick up some christmas chocolates, usually in our family we get celebrations or miniature heroes. Roses and quality street don’t really cut it anymore..

15. Hang up some mistletoe and grab a cheeky kiss, just make sure it’s not your uncle bob or something like that lol….embarrassing…

16. Have a christmas games night with your family, all the classics usually make a comeback. Monopoly scrabble, frustration and operation are usually dug out of the attic at this time..

17. Toast some marshmallows, is that a bonfire night thing or can you do this during the festive season?..

18. Watch vlogmas, my favourites are Tanya Burr and Zoella

19. Catch up on your favourite blogs too, this is a must with some snacks and a hot chcoolate

20. Bake some christmas cookies, pick yourself a christmas baking book

21. Plan all of your christmas party outfits and makeup

21. Plan your christmas day outfit 

22. Go on a christmas getaway, head skiing in France or even German markets in Berlin…I have always wanted to visit places like Switzerland or Alaska during the winter. They look so pretty oh and Lapland too…

23. Decorate your christmas tree and the rest of the house

24. Write out all of your christmas cards for friends and family

25. Build a snowman if you have snow by your house

26. Go on a sleigh ride if you have enough snow or jet somewhere that does…lol

27. Go ice skating, our main ice rink is Deeside or you could even head to London and ice skate by the museum, it’s so magical..

28. Visit New York for christmas, this is one of my favourite memories..

29. Make a beauty christmas list (OF COURSE!)

30. Watch the nutcracker either a film or visit the theatre

31. Visit your local panto production or head to the city and watch ELF..I know this is on soon

32. Take part in a christmas carol service

33. Go christmas carolling in your neighbourhood

34. Go and see the coca cola van, this is a must just for the free drink right oh and all the pretty lights..

Video credit to @Mariah Carey Youtube channel

35. This is an obvious one..go christmas shopping either at the markets or the big stores

36. Have a christmas pamper

37. Don’t forget to pick yourself an advent calendar (chocolate or beauty!!)

38. Try mulled wine for the first time or try making it

39. Visit Santa’s grotto with the children or just you if your big kid at heart

40. Go and see some reindeers

41. Visit relatives…absolutely

42. Leave something out for santa

43. Hang out your stocking or two…

44. Watch the queen’s speech…the same every year..

45. Visit a victorian christmas fayre..we usually have those here

46. Pick up some yule log or make your own

47. Buy some christmas pudding again try making your own version..

48. Made a donation to charity

49. Drink egg nog..i have never tried too so I have no clue what this tastes like..

50. Have a snowball fight, it’s not christmas without one..

51. Pick up a santa hat, you have to wear it even if you feel daft..

52. Make a christmas wish

53. Encourage yourself and buy a christmas present for you… I always do this..

54. Have a festive lazyday

55. Have a christmas eve pamper

and lastly have a fab christmas day guys….xo

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