5 things I Want To Do This September

SEPTEMBER marks the start of autumn to me. I love this time of the year, autumn and winter have always been my favourites seasons even though I’m a summer baby. I love it when the leaves start falling off the trees, the rain is hitting the windows and you can have cosy night in (or is that just me). I have wanted to take my blog into a new direction recently but still focus mainly on makeup and beauty too. I like the idea of adding in some lifestyle posts from time to time and have been so inspired recently. Over the last few months I have seen so many goal posts so thought it would be lovely to start my own…enjoy xoox

Make a start on my autumn wardrobe

Even though I’m not a fashion blogger as such I do want to add a little fashion into my blog. I have always changed my wardrobe up around this time of the year and found myself internet window shopping (as I call it) on all the new knitwear releases. I absolutely love jumpers, cardigans, coats and boots. I feel much more comfortable in this type of dress and right now I’m currently lusting after this cable tunic from Lipsy. It retails for £38.00 and it’s gorgeous. I love anything like this with over the knee boots 🙂 

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Funnily enough I have a lot of books and just don’t get the chance to read them. The author I loved reading a lot from was Lisa Jewell, her book Ralph’s Party got me hooked on her writing. From her first page you will get hooked trust me. I pick up books mainly from Whsmith, Waterstones and amazon. I also love her novels one hit wonder and thirtynothing. I need to make more time to fit reading in too. I love how all the harry potter books are still so popular and you know what I don’t own any of them(I have only seen the films). Think I need to pay a visit to our local Waterstones soon…

Purchase some new christmas collections

Now this I love to do. I believe a lot of brands whether their skincare, beauty, fashion, home decor etc always bring out their christmas collections. Recently there have been some sneak peeks on the new zoella and tanya burr christmas collections(I may have already picked up some things so keep an eye out).  I absolutely adore Zoella and Tanya Burr, they inspire me so much in more ways than one. I really want to give the brand LUSH a go as well. I always seem to walk straight past their stores when I see it. I just don’t feel attracted to it maybe their christmas collection will draw me in, we will see 😉 I could go on forever with this but there’s so many brands releasing christmas collections like too faced, charlotte tilbury etc. Keep an eye on my blog to see what I’m going to pick up…

Start collecting more autumn blog props

I started blogging early on in the year and picked up some tips along the way. When I’m shopping I see things that will ether inspire me to create a blog post or see things that can be added as props. I really want to pick up some autumn type items like pines, leaves, conkers, flowers(perfect all year round), candles, notebooks, magazines, home decor items etc I feel that these sort of items really do make your blog photos stand out more and cancel out any whitespace. 

Plan my first  giveaway prize

I am absolutely shocked at how many of you there are following me on my social media platforms especially Instagram. I was not expecting the growth I have had. It may be so little to some especially those that have 10k followers but the figure I’m on at the moment is such a huge accomplishment. I thank all of you that like, comment and follow my Instagram account(my twitter is somewhat behind as I have only recently started using that so take a look there too). A giveaway is in the pipeline and I do have something up my sleeve… it will be announced on my Instagram soon!! 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading guys…whats on your to do list this September? xoxo

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