4 Things I Loved To Watch Growing Up

Growing Up……

So for todays post I decided to do something a little different. I have been wanting to add some more lifestyle posts on my blog so let me know what you think loves. I have always loved watching movies and tv series. I’m not one to spend a night watching soaps or many reality tv shows.  I wanted to talk about what series and movies I have watched time and time again and never get bored by….

Charmed TV Series

Charmed was on the air between 1998 and 2006.  It was an american fantasy drama. This was one of my favourite series as a teenager. When it started I must have been about 10 or 11 years of age not quite a teenager but I loved it right from the word go. What made the show was the cast in my opinion…

Charmed was about 3 sisters who find a spell book in their attic. They read text from the book and this is what enables their supernatural powers. Actresses Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty were the leads in this series. Alyssa played Pheobe, Holly played Piper and Shannen played Prue. Each sister had a special power which grew over time. Pheobe had the power of premonition which allowed her to see things in the future or things that were about to happen. Piper was able to freeze people, objects and time.  Prue was my favourite character and she had the power of telekinesis which allowed her to move objects in her mind. Further into the series Prue was able to be in two places at once-astral projection. Pheobe, Prue and Piper had a bond like no other as they fought demons, warlocks and other creatures..

Shannen Doherty as always been one of my favourite actresses. I used to watch the original Beverly Hills 90210. Shannen also starred in this and I think is why I liked her character in Charmed because I had seen her act in other shows.  Over time the show did get cancelled and ended in 2006 but I have always watched the show online or straight from my box set. I do have other seasons but always find season 1 is the best. The Pilot episode was amazing. I loved the excitement of the show when it first began however when Prue was killed off in season 3 it got a bit “urgghh” for me as it just wasn’t the same…

My favourite in season 1 has to be “That 70’s Episode” where it takes the sisters back to see their mother and grandmother. Prue and Piper are the children in the episode meanwhile their mother is pregnant with Piper.  I adored the synopsis of this episode as you find out more about their ancestry and how they were part of a Wiccan family..

Did you ever watch charmed?

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Maid In Manhattan

As much as I like supernatural and fantasy tv shows I also love watched romantic comedy’s. I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite movie genre to watch but this movie is absolutely amazing. Maid In Manahttan was released in 2002. I think I was about 16 then, my god so many moons ago..

The movie starred Jennifer Lopez as Marissa Ventura and Ralph Fiennes as Christopher Marshall. Ralph Fiennes also played Voldermort in Harry Potter, just thought I’d add that in lol. Jennifer Lopez is one of my favourite celebrities. Jennifer is a singer as well as an actress. Im sure you all know who she is by now. JLO also starred as “Selena” in the movie Selena back in 1997. Another one of my favourite movies…

Marissa(Jennifer lopez) is a maid who works at a first class hotel and Christopher (Ralph Fiennes)who is an heir meet by chance in the hotel however Christopher mistakes her for a guest. Christopher becomes smitten with Marissa who was accidentally trying on a guest’s clothing. From this moment Marissa pretends to be somebody else and they spend some time together whilst Chris is in New York..

It’s the ideal “fairytale” movie for me. It’s also a feel good movie in my opinion. Jennifer Lopez plays the role so well and she looks gorgeous in it. The scene where she attends the Met Ball is so dreamy. I mean just imagine being at the Met, how amazing is that!!

Eventually the dream is broken and Marissa gets found out by the hotel management and Chris is so confused. Meanwhile Chris had fallen for the girl he met not the “fancy classy guest” he thought he had met. Lastly they reunite towards the end of the film, the best part!!

Lastly the movie is meant to have been inspired from a true story. Steven Rockefeller, the son of of New York Governor is meant to have married a maid in their Manhattan Hotel back in 1959… 

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Ghost Whisperer 

Another series I loved to watch growing up was Ghost Whisperer.  Ghost Whisperer was on the air between 2005 and 2010. This show is another american supernatural tv shows and I loved it! The show starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon. Melinda was able to communicate with spirits and help those who have passed away..

As always the pilot episode of a series is always the best one. Melinda was a newlywed who had always been skeptical of ghosts or anything supernatural. However Melinda had been shown how to communicate with them from a young age. Melinda’s grandmother had guided her and it isn’t until she learns that she can communicate with them at a later age. This is when she becomes attached to many of the spirits that are seeking her help..

In the very first episode where Melinda is celebrating her wedding a spirit attaches itself to her during her. This is when she meets  the ghost of a sergeant who asks her to contact his son. As the series goes on Melinda does not only get sought out by ghosts but other beings as well…

This has to be one of those series that makes you think What if you could communicate with sprits , would you love to have a gift like that or allow the spirits to cross over? 

It’s definitely crossed my mind maybe because I watch too many shows like this lol…

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Notting Hill

Notting Hill was always a movie I’d watch several times over. Notting Hill was released in 1999. When it was released I was about 13 years old and loved watching all the “rom com’s”. Notting Hill stars Julia Roberts as Anna Scott, Hugh Grant as William Thacker and Rhys Ifans as Spike..

Notting Hill is about a bookshop owner  and a celebrity who visits his store. Prior to this William bumps into her in the street. Anna comes into the store looking for a particular book and this is when he realises who she actually is. A chance encounter that  begins a love affair…

I have always adored Julia Roberts as she is one of my favourite actresses as is Hugh Grant one of my favourite actors. The scene where William has lots of press at his door because they find the famous “Anna Scott” is in his apartment is the best!! Spike played by Rhys Ifans runs outside in just his underwear is EPIC!! Obviously the press love this and think that more has gone on with Anna..of course it’s Spike just being Spike..

I have always said my older sister has a look of Julia Roberts. She doesn’t think so but I can see it a little. Just thought I’d add that in too..

Notting Hill brought in $364 million dollars at the time of its release. I mean how huge is that figure. Again it starred some big names and is a still a favourite today. I always find the older the movie the better it is..

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Hope this type of post has been fab for you to read through. What tv series or movies did you love growing up??

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