3 Fragrances From Jo Malone

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3 Fragrances From Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a brand I have always wanted to try, luckily last christmas I was gifted with one their fragrances and since then I’m hooked. I wanted to share three fragrances I have been loving and also a sneaky little wish list too…

Starting with a very popular fragrance from Jo Malone is Peony and Blush Suede…this is just so so gorgeous, I can’t believe I never owned it sooner! The name says it all really, who wouldn’t want to smell like a peony all day long, cos I know I would! I love floral fragrances, it has red apple, jasmine, rose and gillyflower inside! I have only ever tried the 30ml bottle and I’m obsessed with it, I literally have just a drop left in the bottle..

It was my birthday recently and I knew I wanted to try out another fragrance, besides being perfume obsessed already it had to be Jo Malone, no doubt about it! When I picked up Peony and Blush Suede I also tried a scent I had on my wish list next. English Pear And Freesia is one of the most prettiest scent’s I’ve ever tried… with notes of pear, amber, patchouli and woods this is definitely one to pick up! I was gifted this by my boyfriend and I haven’t been able to put it down…

I was lucky enough to receive some body cream last christmas, this was in the scent Pomegranate Noir. I absolutely adore body creams and when it comes from Jo Malone what more could you want! Pomegranate Noir was the first scent I tried from Jo Malone, I became obsessed with it, every time I went into a store or counter this was the one I’d be drawn too. I asked for this for christmas and was gifted a set, a 30ml fragrance, the cream and a body wash! You can see there mini sizes and I’ve been trying not to use all of them, I’ve used some though that’s for sure…

Jo Malone is quickly becoming my new obsession, I browse their website nearly every day adding products to a wish list, hoping to tick them off one by one…take a look at what I have my eyes on, it’s always lovely to own a little bit of luxury don’t you think….


Jo Malone Wishlist 


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