2018 Goals

Happy new year 2018!! 

I may have already said this but it’s now officially a new year!! I love to start afresh in the new year and seeing so many bloggers publish their 2018 goals I knew I wanted to join the bandwagon.  I don’t really stick to resolutions so I have put together some goals that I wish to achieve personally, work related or here on the blog. Enough chit chatting take a look through my 2018 goals below….

Try more Beauty Brands

I have a huge passion for beauty however I feel I can get into a comfort zone when it comes to trying new products. I love Charlotte Tilbury. Her brand is one of the most gorgeous brands I have ever seen. Besides what it looks like her products are amazing too, for me anyway. I really want to branch out and try some more brands like Iconic London, Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown, Armani Beauty and so many more. I feel like this will expand my knowledge on beauty products rather than going for the “gimmicky” type items. We have all done it, those impulse buys that get put to the back of your makeup collection…

Hit 3K on Instagram

 My following on Instagram grew when I started my blog. I never thought that little old me would have a bigger following yet any to be honest. I started my Instagram years ago and when I decided to start blogging more beauty shots were published. With a little bit of lifestyle on the grid( because you have to know the girl behind the grid right???) my account has grew. I feel that many “small” bloggers don’t get a lot of recognition but just to hit 3K will make me so so happy…at least I can say I did it…in my own little world anyway..

To have my NVQ 3 at work

Now this may be career related but I love what I do. I have worked in the health and social care field since I was about 16. It’s a challenging role but very rewarding. I achieved my NVQ 2 many years ago and to be able to finish level 3 would be amazing. There is one slight issue I want to be able to do it without judgement, without procrastination and without a HUGE deadline. I want to do it in my time and at my own pace. No use trying to teach an old dog new tricks now is there!

Grow my blog

I started blogging around nine months ago and it’s the best thing I ever did. I thought about it a lot beforehand. My love for beauty grew even more when I started writing about it. As your reading this my new blog design has gone LIVE. When I started blogging it was a space on the internet for me to talk about products I love. Since then I have been able to make more friends, receive gifts from brands and be offered opportunities I never thought possible. At the moment I may be what the blogger community call a “small” blogger so if i can climb that little bit higher it would be amazing. I take things with a pinch of salt so what’s meant to happen will happen..

To appreciate the little things

I have always believed you should cherish what you have when you have it. I like to make plans but nothing too big as I always find your stuck in a rut otherwise. You sit thinking when is it going to happen or why is it not happening. This is something I’ve learnt in recent years. To enjoy what you have in front of you is the best thing for us. Live as much as you can, love with all your heart and laugh uncontrollably…the secret is a great book to read if you struggle with self belief..

To travel more

I absolutely love travelling. I feel so blessed to have been able to visit the places I have. You know that notebook you have lying around list some places, cities or areas you want to see in your lifetime. You’ll find when it’s wrote down you may act on it more. There’s a little tip I learnt whilst network marketing(yes I have done this too!!) create yourself a vision or dream board. If you can see it in front of you in black and white or even pretty photos you can dream it. I did this during my experience with one of the most expansive  and generous companies in the world.  I put a place on my dream board and I eventually  visited it last year. If you put your mind to it it will happen. NYC has to be the best dream I had as a child and at 27 I achieved it…

Look after number 1

I get told this all the time so thought I would share it with you the person that’s reading this post. I may get all soppy now but but your the only person that can make you happy. This is what happens when you read the secret from cover to cover. I think too much and sometimes those thoughts make my anxiety spiral. To be able to control those with a bit of self love is the most important…

To be a mummy

This is much more of a personal goal. I wasn’t sure whether to add this or not but the why the hell not. I also feel bloggers only get seen for what they post so here’s a BIG thing about me. One of my dreams is to become a mummy. It’s something I have wanted for years. It drove me crazy for a while thinking why wasn’t it happening to me. Baby scans, family photos, pink or blue got to me A LOT!! I learnt to get past that. So with the right help I can finally say my journey to becoming a mum has already begun. So having some tiny little toes in the palm of my hands is not just an ambition it’s a must….love my little egg already…..wanted mummy in 2018 😉 

What are your dreams/goals for 2018??